Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm BF RDA

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Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm BF RDA

Specification: Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm BF RDA


Material: Stainless Steel


24mm Diameter
Wide Clamp Style Dual Post Build Deck
7mm by 2mm Each Terminal
Side Mounted Phillips Screws
PEEK Insulated Positive Post
4mm Deep Juice Well
Interchangeable Mesh and Coil Build Styles
Spring Loaded Central Ceramic Support
Beehive Style Airflow
19 Airflow Slots Each Side
1mm Each Airslot
24K Gold Plated Bottom Feed 510 Contact
510 24K Gold Plated Squonk Pin
9mm Bore 810 Drip Tip
Mesh Style Coil Sheets Included
Kanthal A1
0.18 ohm
16mm by 6.8mm
40 to 60W Recommended Wattage
Color: aluminum blue, aluminum violet, gold, rainbow, matte SS, blue, aluminum green, matte bronze, matte black, black, bronze, ultra-thin, aluminum red, matte black, SS, matte clear


One Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm RDA
One 6mm Agleted Cotton Strip
One Extra 810 Drip Tip
One Mesh Bending Tool
Two Clapton Coils
Two Mesh Style Coil Sheets
One Spare Parts Bag
One User Manual

164 reviews for Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm BF RDA


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  1. Michael

    A very well designed rda, it is my first mesh rda, and ive been waiting to try one. This has a ceramic spring loaded piece that pushes the cotton onto the mesh perfectly I highly recommend trying this. Also i happen to see this on youtube and bam Vapordna had it so i couldnt resist!

  2. Carl B.

    My favorite rda to date. The flavor is a 10. Better than anything out there Just received my 2nd one. Best on a sqonker.

  3. Jon

    Coupled with Wotofo cotton and Wotofo mesh coils, I’ve been vaping on the same build since I got em, over two weeks! Check out Riptrippers review on YouTube. He rates it a 9.5 out of 10!!!

  4. Tom W.

    This is arguably the best mesh RDA system ever devised. It is loaded with innovations, vapes great and produces excellent flavor and vapor.

  5. Adam R.

    This RDA works great. Be sure to have some very sharp scissors around to trim the cotton. The ramo up is immediate. Very easy to set up.

  6. Colby H.

    It is awesome

  7. Brendan R.

    Love it. Works amazing. Flavor is fantastic!

  8. Jim

    I got the profile, cleaned it up (wasn’t necessary) and threw my build in. Justright & Wotofo gave it all the forethought and made it easy with their spring support system. Their Foils are made with Ka & ‘Ω’ out to 0.18 & vape great around the suggested 40-60w range.

  9. Brian M.

    Easy to build and lots of flavor. Good luck finding mesh though.

  10. Lisa B.

    This is the best squonking rda, I’ve owned, to date. No leaking. No spit back, no liquid in my mouth, until the battery is almost gone. Which isn’t related to the Profile itself. I am a very happy camper, and also will mention, shipping time and package 5 stars.

  11. Marilyn C.

    Excellent flavor, easy to build on, love everything about this RDA.

  12. Michael C.

    I love it!!

  13. Brendan R.

    Fantastic flavor and cloud production. Easy to install mesh coils and to wick.

  14. Janebond92

    First Rda I have gotten.beat thing I’ve ever spent my money on

  15. Mohamed F.

    The best thing ever

  16. Kris S.

    this thing just plain kicks ***, best rda on the planet

  17. Erich M.

    We’ll start with the cons1. The build deck is “small” ; it’s a single coil RDA so it’s designed to be that way, but yes if you’re looking for something with more room or something you can pop a huge fused clapton single coil build or dual coil build this is not the RDA for you, as well as it’s designed specifically for a mesh coil.2. The mesh isn’t good at higher watts; this is also something that may be a con, except for the fact it doesn’t need to be run at higher watts for the same effect; if properly installed it heats up instantly and evenly across the coil, which can be witnessed when dry burning before adding cotton and juicing up.3. “The vape is something to be desired”; if you run this at the suggested wattage of around 65 Watts the vape is comparable to a single fused clapton build at around 90 watts.

  18. Ricky F.

    I’ve been dripping for 4 years. I don’t like tanks. I don’t like RTA’s. I drip. I love flavor. And I’m pretty picky when it comes to the vape I want. This RDA is perfection. The simple, yet elegant, design keeps a ton of cotton pressed snug against the mesh – and that’s the key. Because this mesh. Oh, God, this mesh. It ramps up super fast, gives the best flavor I’ve ever experienced, and just never lets up. No maintenance required. There’s so much cotton that even as it starts to collapse with use, more is there to let the mesh keep doing its thing. The air flow is elevated, so you wont have leaks here. It’s very adjustable, so it’s gonna be able to please a lot of different people that like their vapes a certain way. If you’re on the fence with this guy, get off. Give the mesh a try. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to standard coils after this.

  19. John L.

    This has to be the smoothest hitting vape I ever hit. So glad to have bought it just want the topfill mod now.

  20. John H.

    1. Popular Item Was in Stock.2. Easy Ordering.3. Timely Delivery Thank you for a good experience!

  21. TheBrownGuy

    This is my 3rd one and love them….

  22. Candace C.

    This my first RDA and I love it ! I’m a ***** but I can even work this one ! So if I can put the mesh in and wick it then anybody can, the flavor is awesome ! Can’t beat it 💖💨

  23. Emanuel R.

    Easy to use and burns the liquid perfectly

  24. Jeffery Z.

    Great rda

  25. Vape L.

    I have used many RDA’s over the years and this one is by far the best. The flavor that comes off this RDA is A++. MrJustRight knows his stuff. There is a small con and that is, only one 6mm cotton strip comes with this mod. There should be 2 since there are 2 mesh coils. Other than that this is a very good RDA. 9.8/10!!

  26. Ryan

    Biggest pro to mention is rebuild time. Especially with the mesh coils. Out of the box, built, and vaping in under 8 minutes. Changing cotton and mesh coil can be done in 5.

  27. Edhy

    Short and sweet. Very nice and easy to build on

  28. Austin h.

    This is a great product love the mesh style coils but I just wish they would have included more than one change of cotton

  29. jimmy t.


  30. Warren

    To me so far it’s been great. Being my first bf rda I have had only a couple of over squonk ing and a couple of dryer hits, but that’s a learning curve. Building it was a snap, changing the wick is fairly easy, as long as you are careful about bending the screen when installing fresh cotton. Flavor is good, I’ve restricted the airflow a bit to help with that. The wide drip tip helps with being able so see how much juice vs bottle squeeze, for me that’s a plus. It can get warm if chain vaped. I use it @ 55watts.

  31. Bryan U.

    First mesh rda and its sick, exactly what I was hoping for and vapor dna was the only place I could find it in the color I wanted and the got it to me quick and its authentic, not some knock off. Thanks VDNA

  32. Blades144

    This RDA is a beginner’s dream and it is so smooth with the mesh coil. Flavor! Got this with Vandy Vape X Tony B Pulse 80W. Only problem I have is making sure my friends understand I am not Squanching! I am Squonking in HERE!

  33. David

    Absolutely phenomenal flavor. Very easy to build. I highly recommend this RDA to anyone.

  34. Cody B.

    The innovation in this BF RDA is simple and genius. Having a spring loaded piece to support the cotton makes the Profile a true game changer. I’ve gone through the coil it came with and three mesh strips. The standard coil set up isn’t that big of a deal; flavor is decent. The mesh strips on the other hand provide a very smooth and rich flavor. I’m very satisfied with my purchase of the Profile and highly recommend it.

  35. Michael B.

    Can’t say enough good things about this RDA/RSA.

  36. Bryan D.

    First ever rda. Will never look back. Amazing quality and lives up to the hype. Just took me a min to get used to it.

  37. Lance S.

    This RDA has brought me the best vaping experience of my life, combined with Nexmesh mesh strips. There’s nothing better for me.

  38. Ronald D.

    This rda is just a flavor ******. Lots of air flow no complaints. An enjoyable experience.

  39. Joe D.

    My favorite rda ever. Great flavor, smooth, no spit back and easy to build on.

  40. Tom W.

    First off, the Profile RDA is my favorite of 2018. I was buying a second to mate with my Topside 90w squonk. – The unit arrived defective, presumably as a manufacturing flaw -one of the screws that hold the mesh in place was not only stripped but bent and could not be removed making the unit unusable. I notified VaporDNA immediately and it still took 2 days for them to reply to my email (which is the only way you can contact customer support) and after receiving their reply it took another half day for them to send me a return shipping label; they should have done that immediately. The lack of telephone customer support makes solving any problem slow and ponderous. I mailed the defective product back two days ago (Nov 26th) and still have not heard anything about my credit being processed. This has now taken 5 days which is ridiculous for a problem that would have taken five minutes to solve with actual telephone contact with a customer service representative.

  41. Adam D.

    The hype is real and this is a wonderful little RDA. can’t go wrong with the mesh here. Very dense vapor production and top notch flavor. Excellent

  42. Roland D.

    Easy to install mesh and came with all tools needed. Could also be used in single coil mode but it’s primarily made for mesh strips. Doesn’t leak on me when squonking and I get tremendous flavor from this RDA.

  43. gadget

    This is by far the best RDA that I own!The flavor is incredible, it’s easy to build and it looks great.This one is a winner!

  44. Anonymous

    Best mesh squonk

  45. Jasier A.

    It really awesome

  46. Anonymous

    Glad I got this rda. Different vape and a more enjoyable vape overall.

  47. Robert E.

    This rda is one of the best you can get the flavor is great and build quality is so fine all so

  48. Jacob G.

    Best rda I’ve tried to date if you are going to buy a profile be sure to add the optional nexmesh it’s worth every cent. It’s not possible to express how much I love this rda though text. Just get it!

  49. Aaron L.

    This rda and it’s type of coils are so good that they should replace all the other types of coils with these type of setup. But the aftermarket next mesh coils are way better done and I won’t be using the coils it comes with again. The flavor is so good but better with aftermarket coils. Basically who ever came up with this coil type is a genius and should be given a award. If you don’t see these coil types in tons of future RDA’s/RDTA, and RTA’s then I’d be shocked.

  50. Jayson R.

    I’m going back to all ejuice I have tried before.. Is that kind of good!! VaporDNA Always has the latest products great price!

  51. Chad M.

    Amazing product with great flavor. Processing and shipping is really slow but other than that good product.

  52. Willy V.

    While I use many different types of RDA’s some really stand out when it comes to flavor like the Dead Rabbit. Which was my go too for so long. However it has been dethroned by the Profile. I continue to use my Cotton Bacon Prime as my preferred cotton along with the OFRF Mesh coils. For me that combination along with the Profile RDA has been the best ever flavor I’ve had from any RDA. Juice’s that I have not really cared for have actually been good to me now for the most part. Now the juice’s that I have loved are even better now. Also setup as a squonker makes this a great RDA for when I’m on the road. Highly recommend it to anyone who prefers flavor as your top priority.

  53. Russ A.

    The flavor is great. Unlike anything I’ve ever used. I have put away my tanks now. This makes flavor pop. Us VaporDNA has great fast shipping

  54. Daniel R.

    Love it great flavor and clouds

  55. upsouthrick

    Lives up to the hype. Just get it, and get it here.

  56. BAMA

    This is my favorite mesh RDA, easy to build & wick on, great flavor and air flow.

  57. Donlad L.

    Good RDA better service

  58. djl

    Simple to build. Easy to get the wicking down and the flavor is amazing 10/10

  59. Andrew

    I’m fairly new to the building side of things but this thing was CAKE to build. Just use the included tool to bend your mesh, pop it in, and you’re pretty much good to go. The first thing I did (after cleaning the device) was take out the center spring loaded piece and put in the extra spring they include in the extras bag to help keep pressure on your cotton and it seems to be doing just great so far. The flavor off this thing when wicked and built properly is INSANE. I had to actually use less sugary flavors because there was just too much flavor lol. O ring tolerances are legit, squonking has been legit, and the build quality is legit…thing is built like a tank with the super thick top cap. Glad I pulled the trigger on this guy, its permanent spot on my Topside will be hard to match.

  60. Danial

    First off, I’m a newbie to building. I’ve watched every reviewer from Mike Vapes to Grimm to rip tripper on this thing and, honestly, was a little intimidated. The first setup, the first time I wicked this awesome little mod came out perfect. It is so easy. Great product. I’m looking to buy a couple more. Thanks DNA.

  61. Anthony

    I’ve been using the profile since it was released and I keep coming back to it after using other RDA’s on occasion. After a few trial and error’s with the wicking I got it just right and now I can get a good 3-4 solid puffs off it before I need to squonk. I started without squonking it, but it soaks the cotton really evenly whith a squonk mod. Do yourself a favor and use the OFRF replacement mesh that is made for the profile, it is much better than what you get from wotofo, I get massive vapor production and great flavor at 70w. The mesh lasts forever too, I have gone through about 4 since I bought the profile.

  62. Jim S.

    I have five ***** vapes and I have a profiles on all of them. Just superior flavor and the easiest build on the market. The best spring loaded mesh build deck out there. What a great idea

  63. luis y.

    The best RDA that I have ever try, everything is just amazing on this.

  64. leonardo v.

    This product is Horrible it kept getting hot spots after switching and installaling the mesh correctly 5 different times it kept burning my cotton and one point catched on fire and burned my hair. I do not recommend this.

  65. Nathaniel R.

    no exceptions: my favorite dripper for squonking.

  66. Anonymous

    I have 9 Wotofo Profile Mesh BF RDA’s now for good reason, and another one is inbound. That should say it all about this product for my uses.

  67. Carla W.

    Best RDA ever!!!

  68. Anonymous

    Many extras included. Nicely packaged. Super easy mesh/ coil install. Easier to wick that I thought it would be. Flavor is awesome!!

  69. Doug D.

    Best vape I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a bunch. Great flavor and clouds!

  70. Anonymous

    The Profile with the mesh has very awesome flavor and clouds for days. Very pleased

  71. Anonymous

    Great Vapor production, also very easy to install the mesh.But it depends the type of vaper you are. The throat hit is notthe same as if you would be using a standard coil.

  72. Jefferson Z.

    Flavor, flavor and more flavor!

  73. Terry K.

    Wow the flavor from this is awsome. My new favorite

  74. Anonymous

    my husband loves it

  75. Katherine K.

    Love love love this thing. There’s a very thin line between too much and too little cotton, once you find it it’s amazing. I have it on my Topside, perfect match.

  76. Dale T.

    Superior flavor, and dense vapor production. Whats not to love?

  77. Gary Z.

    This is my favorite rda and i have quite a few. I love the mesh coil clamp setup and the spring loaded cotton holder design. I am using vandy vape stainless mesh coils right now that i get in a 5 for role from vapor dna and the flavor and vapor production is the best I’ve ever experienced. This is a definite buy if you like rda’s or love flavor.

  78. Javier G.

    Easy to build on, great taste experience. I have been using it on the Topside and it’s a great pair combo. The only con I could give this it’s the little spitback it gives sometimes when you saturate your wicks.

  79. Bryson B.

    Ehhh.. stripped a screw on first install

  80. Keith H.


  81. Bruce L.

    Title says how much I like this RDA. It is so smooth and compliments any Mod, especially if you like to squonk like me. Do yourself a favor and stack the 2 extra springs they give you in the kit and make that cotton sit up! Especially with the NexMesh “coils”. Amazing RDA!

  82. Luke H.

    Absolutely amazing great flavor and ****** easy build with mesh my hands down favorite rda ever

  83. Jason N.

    Once you know how to wick properly, this has amazing flavor and is quite easy to rebuild. No regerts about buying this and am looking to buy another soon. The Nextmesh and Firebolt cotton(4 strips) work perfectly. I cut the cotton from the bottom, not the top like it is suggested.

  84. conna

    This thing lives up to all the hype. I was uneasy about the "mesh" vape, but the flavor is insane. My mouth literally tastes like I drank the liquid its so on point. Absolutely would recommend this to anyone. Squonking is flawless from center and leftovers leak on side wicks. I would recommend this to ALL my fellow vapers. Best RDA I’ve used EVER hands down by a mile.

  85. Dave A.

    Wonderful vape experience. A bit of a learning curve with the cotton and getting it just right but once you figure it out a smooth delicious hit every time. Haven’t got one yet?! Don’t wait!!!

  86. Hugo T.

    It has it’s flaws but overall really good.

  87. Joshua C.

    Very easy to build on and wick. Amazing flavor! Pair it with the nexmesh and you will thank me later!

  88. James S.

    I absolutely love this rda. It’s the best ever for mid range vaping (50-80w)

  89. Justin .

    I love this RDA one of my favorite RDAs the best flavor and vapor production to me I recommend this all the way

  90. Anonymous

    Full flavoured vape and well built, a must for RDA users

  91. Anonymous

    Great RDA, loved it!

  92. Angel

    So I’ve always found building to be a bit tedious untill I got the profile now in love it. Theres something about useing the wotofo tooo to bend the mesh and slide it it to place that’s just satisfying. I’ve heard people say the the wicking is somewhat difficult but I had no problems with it. I had this thing build and squonking with in 5 mins of having it out the box and it’s been love ever since I havent even touched my mesh tanks since…. a little tip for your cotton if your using 3mm cotton use 2 or 3 strips which ever you like better I use two and cut them at a 45 degree angle then fluff the tops and stuff the bottoms it works every time. If your thinking about getting this rda stop thinking and just buy it you can thank me later.

  93. Quinn W.

    Using this on my dovpo topside 90w device. Hits like a champ. Mesh coils work great on it but I prefer my fused clapton coils for taste. Mouthpiece that comes with it is very comfortable to your lips.

  94. Austin S.

    This is the best RDA I have tried to date. I HAD been using the Recurve RDA for it’s lower wattage and absolutely amazing and consistent flavor. Then I got the Profile, I was immediately impressed, and then about a week later, I switched back to the Recurve to compare and contrast the two. After using the Profile, I can no longer use my Recurve. It tastes like nothing now, and the ramp up feels like an eternity compared to the Profile. The Profile has ruined every other RDA for me, and it’s the greatest thing it could possibly do.

  95. Micheal J.

    The mesh coil works really well. Good vape production.

  96. Jett S.

    Best rda out there for sure

  97. Nathan B.

    I love this RDA super easy build and great flavor!

  98. Matt P.

    This is hands-down my favorite RDA. I’m using the 22 m m top cap and the flavor and Vapor production is fantastic. I plan to order a couple more of these soon.

  99. Nathan B.

    I love this RDA and RTA easy to build and amazing flavor!

  100. Eric L.

    Awesome RDA, flavor and vapor production is great A+.

  101. Stephan T.

    I was using a fremax mesh pro (which I absolutely love) but this -THIS- is amazing. I’m getting notes in my juice I didn’t know existed. I’m going back to all my old juice that I didn’t particularly care for and it’s like they’re all new. The profile is SUPER easy to build (it’s my second RDA). Don’t get me wrong, coils are nice, I just love how mesh vapes. And there are NO dry hits unless you wicked it wrong. It lives up to its hype.

  102. Milton U.

    I personally love using mesh RDA’s. They’re super easy to work with while getting all of the flavor. By far this is the best one I’ve tried. The build deck is super easy to work with. The spring loaded platform underneath the deck is incredibly smart for keeping your cotton in place. The juice reservoir is so deep, it’s almost impossible to over squonk. All of this makes it an incredible mesh RDA.

  103. Anonymous

    Love them! I have 4 profiles and on Conversion cap on the way. Plan to get one in every color.

  104. John F.

    perfect rda . no leaking ever, super easy to wick . buy iti bought two

  105. Derek B.

    Easy to build, excellent flavor. Win win

  106. Iván A.

    This thing is phenomenal, flavor is off the charts and it’s so small yet it packs a punch! Totally recommend it

  107. Gregory

    I’ve always been a fan of Wotofo, and I expect nothing less. The Profile RDA is a stroke of genius, with great flavor. No leaking, no bs, I see it as being super user friendly. Paired with a squonk box like the Dovpo Topside Dual and it’s a thing of beauty.

  108. Linda

    This rda is amazing only takes seconds to build its hassle free and the flavor and vape production are stellar

  109. Briab

    Great RDA! Super easy to build and wick. The flavor is phenomenal. I own 2 of them.

  110. Carrie O.

    I am completely amazed by the flavor and the cloud production I get from this atty. I try to switch to something else and always come back to my Profiles. In have 3

  111. Linda

    I had to write a second review for this rda picked up a pack of the nexmesh coils and they put it over the top this is the best flavor vape I think is possibly achievable if you pick one of these up get the ofrf nexmesh coils with it they are amazing dont get me wrong the wotofo mesh coils are great too but the nexmesh put it over the top

  112. Arthur

    I’m a squonker. I have a dead rabbit (nice), a drop (also nice for flavor not as well behaved for squonking), recurve (love it, especially with the right coil) and then I got a profile rda. Rainbow at first then a red aluminum one. The wotofo mesh was good on par with my recurve but the mesh lasted longer than any coil I had. Add the OFRF nexMESH and it is now my all day everyday combo on either of my squonkers. Love the flavor and cotton and coil last so much longer for me. I’m kinda a long hitter and sometimes the cotton can’t wick as well in my coils which is why I was using the dna 250c chip for it’s ability to set my favorite puff on a temp sensing coil. Now I hardly use that with the mesh and no wicking problems from the cotton.

  113. dam650

    fast shipping great communicationmatch this profile with the ofrf mesh and get all the flavor

  114. Anonymous

    This is the second on I have bought as I love the first one so much haven’t been able to use any other but love carry two flavors on different mods so I bought a second one.

  115. Dakota S.

    This RDA is the best RDA ever made and I use it daily for that reason. The flavor is incredible.. There’s just something about mesh that I can’t get enough of lol. I also use the Profile Unity RTA daily because it is also amazing. Building / wicking the RDA isn’t hard at all, just make sure you bend the mesh strip evenly and don’t add a crease. Make sure the cotton is tight against the mesh and make sure it stays fully saturated at all times.

  116. Stuart S.

    Loved it so much I bought it twice. I find this deck on both my boxes and I would recommend it to anyone!

  117. Nick R.

    I enjoy using it from time to time. It’s not my go to rda. It really takes alot of cotton in the center and if you squonk you might have issues because the liquid comes up right underneath the cotton and your squonk bottle can **** that liquid right back out of it. So it’s better to use it as a dripper in my opinion. Other that it’s great though. Good flavor and awesome airflow.

  118. Andrew N.

    I have now purchased 3 of these RDA’s if you are debating it. Just buy the thing and the OFRF Nexmesh strips. Both are well worth it.

  119. Tiago A.

    The OFrF coil I used on my first build, is a bit hight wattage from my usual 35-45, but was really surprised with how good and intense the flavor is. Recommend to anyone looking to try a mesh tank.

  120. Anonymous

    Fanatic tank, taste great!

  121. Oli A.

    Love the Profile but still trying to master the wicking aspect of it. getting ready to put this together !!

  122. Linda

    By far the most flavor you can get from an rda

  123. Linda

    The red one looks great

  124. Justin F.

    I was hesitant on the whole mesh hype until I watched a few reviews on YouTube and I decided to take the plunge. The hype is real. 8/10 flavor and 7/10 clouds with provided mesh, 11/10 flavor and 9/10 vapor from of the ofrf nexmesh. Super easy build and very clean design. Got the gun metal and aluminum red, both look wonderful with the aluminum being much lighter in weight (obviously). Would recommend.

  125. Tory A.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this BF RDA! I dont know how you could improve this thing other than a sturdier spring, wound up putting all three together and BOOM! no more cotton issues in the center under the mesh (turned brown just in a line before this). bought 4 of these RDAs so far, we love them!!

  126. Chad G.

    I can’t believe I just now got this rda!! I’ve been missing out because this thing is amazing. I can’t stop using this paired with the topside dual. My best setup I’ve had in 7 years of vaping. Vapor dna is the best

  127. Steven S.

    Easy to build probably best feature of this rda other than that flavor and cloud production is average nothing special

  128. Patrick B.

    I own three of these, and they are ALL great. The vape is good, they perform great…and flavors that might taste marginal on tradition coil RDA’s, taste GREAT on this!Don’t over think this…you’re already on the correct website. Just buy the thing!

  129. Myron K.

    I use this RDA with 316L mesh coils in temp control mode with my Dovpo Dual and it consistently gives me a great vape. I would highly recommend watching several YouTube videos with regards to wicking this RDA properly in order to get optimum performance.

  130. cait

    Hands down best RDA I’ve ever tried. The flavor is unbeatable! I recommend it to everyone!

  131. Joe S.

    I was suprised with the weight of it, but then again i’ve been using my little Derringer Rda for about a year now (lazy lol). I really liked how it looked, this is also my first experience with mesh coils. Rebuilding is so much simpler with the mesh coils, and that spring loaded ceramic plate for the cotton is an amazing idea. Now I can “feel” right before its dry without getting that little burned hit i would get with my other rda’s, and it also doesnt seem to cook or darken the cotton like regualr rda’s/coils even with some heavy juice. I love the airflow on this as well, and the flavor is outstanding! Overall i would defin

  132. Tony C.

    Loooove this rda best mesh rda ever made and if you don’t wna rock the mesh you can use it as single coil

  133. J M.

    Smooth. Cool. Perfect sqounking RDA. This is the new go to without question.

  134. R S.

    this thing is awesome! zero ramp up, superb flavor, easy build and super smooth. couldn’t ask for more.

  135. TheBrownGuy

    This thing is amazon about time there is the best RDA that is spring loaded and mesh coils, Load this guy up on a \tVandy Vape x Tony B Pulse and you have a home run….

  136. Ammarious

    This is by far the best mesh coil RDA..Flavor-ExcellentAir Flow-ExcellentMesh Coil Performance- ExcellentThe only thing I hated is the piece of cotton that comes with the RDA. replace it with Kendo Cotton and that made it perfect.

  137. Rick B.

    This is, without a doubt, the best Atomizer that I have ever purchased; of any type. The flavor is unparalleled, the airflow is smooth, and after using the Profile for several weeks now It has never leaked. Your money will never be more well spent.

  138. Dig_dug42

    Still learning how to wick this thing, but overall experience has been great. Wish the pre-packaged cotton was more widely available.

  139. Jon K.

    The mesh that came with it works incredibly well. I have had the same mesh in for over a week and have seen no decrease in flavor. It also works in coil mode, but I prefer mesh.

  140. Mo B.

    Just right!

  141. Logan C.

    O ring ****, it leaks from the base. You will lose your drip tip because those o rings are too thin as well.Shame to spend so much time on engineering and then use the absolute worst o rings you can find.

  142. Cody B.

    The flavor from this thing is amazing! The mesh covers so much surface area from the cotton it puts out a huge cloud and intense flavor. Also super smooth.

  143. David B.

    Great flavor rda

  144. Cris

    I love it. Bought a second one

  145. Robert V.

    Works great with mesh and wire coils, has become one of my favorites

  146. Doug I.

    I have been vaping for 5 years. I’ve tried everything. Sub tanks, cartridges, rebuildables, etc. 100 different styles and ways at least. The profile is hands down the best vape setup for flavor and big clouds. Or small clouds. Or for people like myself that vape all day every day. The flavor is unparalleled by anything to date. It is also incredibly easy and fast to build. I use it on the Dovpo top loading squonk. I used to replace my cotton every other day. I am getting better flavor on the profile on day 10 then any rda on day 1, no joke. It has made the vaping part of my life so much less time consuming it’s unbelievable.I can’t say enough about the profile. I used to buy new rdas at least twice a month. Some would be great but none have ever come anywhere close to the profile.If you’re on the fence, the hype is real. You will be so happy you spent the twenty bucks. I should mention I’m a low watt vape user. Usually running 30 to 50 watts. 60 ml bottles last me about 3 days. Beard 32 is the only juice I vape anymore.The squonk I mentioned is incredible too, but that’s another story.5 stars isn’t enough. The profile is in its own class and the rest of the vape world is fighting for second place.Buy the profile, you won’t be disappointed.

  147. Daniel N.

    I have been vaping on this for about a week with a couple different juices. The FLAVOR!!! Just Wow. I am using the Wotofo 6mm agleted cotton along with the provided mesh, and it is simply the best tasting vape I’ve ever had. It builds easy, wicks easy, and did I mention the amazing flavor? Do yourself a favor and get this one now!

  148. Michael

    Best RDA I’ve ever owned. The mesh definitely beats wire coils for flavor.

  149. Ryan

    This is my first rda and man this thing rips. The flavor is amazing and it was super easy to set up. Paired it with a topside dual (first squonk mod). Was always pretty timid when it came to RDAs and I’m glad I went with this one first.

  150. Anonymous

    The best RDA I’ve ever used and converting to mesh.

  151. Eduardo D.

    This device oh man, so short and flavory, perfect to squonk, perfect for my topside, but be careful dont oversquonk or you will make a mess, it squonks a right in the middle of the coil. Wait till you taste this clouds

  152. jonathan m.

    planing on buying more. best flavor you can get

  153. Stephen G.

    Easy to build deck easy to wick cotton and a very pleasurable vape

  154. Anonymous

    When wicked correctly, this RDA is a beast. I use it to squonk and just have a great overall experience. At first I didn’t get it, but shortly after I realized the potential. In a two words, flavor and easy. Now it’s my daily.Also, as a chain vapor, dual coil RDAs get super hot. I don’t find that the case with the Profile.

  155. Nick R.

    Great product with heavy cloud output and intense flavor.

  156. Katelyn k.

    It was great best rda i have ever smoked great flavor and feels so smooth i reccomend

  157. John J.

    The most amazing flavor of anything I’ve ever experienced. Super easy to build and I did mention the flavor right?!!

  158. Nathan B.

    Great RDA have it atop my topside dual works very well.

  159. Konnor H.

    The profile rda is a phenomenal rda. Great flavor and cloud production.

  160. Cory

    Great RDA!

  161. Greg

    This was my first foray into RDAs from my usual sub-ohm tanks. Got it because I love the flexibility of going between mesh or a single coil and the ceramic spring loaded cotton pusher upper thing(forgot the acts name) makes sure the cotton stays put right under the mesh. So far I’m loving it and it really brings out the flavor in my juices. Even over my triple coil fireluke and falcon king coils. Got a rainbow one and waiting to get the gold one I recently purchased. Great RDA for someone who is dipping their feet into the pool that is rebuildable atomizers. Def get one!

  162. dam650

    love this RDA, cotton and mesh lasts forever, good clouds, top notch flavor.have purchased three of these

  163. Bryant W.

    This RDA is the best RDA hands down, get it and you can thank me later 😋😋😋

  164. Anonymous

    This is 3rd one I’ve bought for my husband. It’s his favorite rda. Wish spare parts were a little easier to obtain.

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