UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

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UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

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If you were a big fan of the UWELL Crown 3, then you’re gonna love its newly crowned successor. Introducing the UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank. Constructed with hand-polished stainless steel, this version of the Crown tank is extremely durable and gorgeous to boot. With the installed bubble glass tube, this tank can hold a hefty 6ml of e-juice, but also includes a slimmer glass tube that can hold 5ml of eliquid.

The Crown 4 measures 28mm in base diameter and features sleek and smart design elements that combine for a universally appealing design. The Crown 4 features a 90 degree threaded top fill method that unscrews to reveal dual fill ports. The Crown 4 utilizes the new and improved Crown 4 Plug and Pull replacement coil style, with a threadless design that features reinforced seals to provide a liquid tight fit and finish. Each coil features a vertical coil arrangement and triple vertical wicking slots for rapid wicking. The Crown 4 Replacement Coils consist of unique materials such as the SS904L and the FeCrAl (Iron, Chromium, Aluminum) Coils. The Crown 4 Coil Family comes with a 0.2 ohm Dual SS904L coil head rated at 70 to 80W, a 0.4 ohm Dual SS904L coil head rated at 60 to 70W, a 0.25 ohm SS304 UN1 coil head rated at 55 to 65W, and finally the 0.23 ohm FeCrAl UN2 coil head rated at 60 to 70W. All in which contains organic cotton. The adjustable bottom airflow makes for smooth and effective airflow, and can be fully closed to seal the system effectively.

The Uwell Crown 4 presents a brand new patented self-cleaning technology within the atomizer core of the new Crown line of coils, absorbing excess eJuice into a condensation holder for later vaporization during usage. This helps reduce on wasted eJuice and lessens the need to clean the detachable structure of the tank. Each Crown 4 coil is designed with a condensation holder that will collect any un-vaporized eliquid during regular usage and feed it back up into the coil. This helps reduce the amount of wasted eliquid, and also reduces the need to clean the inside of your tank as often. On top of all this, these all-new coils also boast UWELL’s patented Pro Flavor Core Optimization System (or Pro-FOCS). Pro-FOCS recycles the air through the core of the atomizer two times to saturate your draw with additional flavor.

The Crown IV Tank sports a simplified quarter-turn threaded top fill system for faster refills, along with an adjustable airflow slot at the bottom to provide smooth air intake. This Crown Tank’s striking visual design is augmented by hand-polished stainless steel which is notched at the top and bottom to make airflow manipulation and refilling your tank easier. Furthermore, the Crown 4 has a visually striking design, being hand-polished and knurled at the top and bottom ends, making airflow manipulation and unscrewing of the top fill system even easier.


Specification: UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

Main features:

Brand: UWELL
Model: Crown 4
Type: Rebuildable Atomizer
Rebuildable Atomizer: Tank
Material: Polycarbonate + Stainless Steel

Product Details

28mm Diameter
6ml Max Capacity Bubble Glass Tank (Pre-Installed)
5ml Max Capacity Glass Tank Section
Hand Polished Stainless Steel Construction
Superior Stainless Steel Construction
Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
Quarter Turn Threaded Top Refill System
Uwell Crown 4 Coil Line
0.2ohm Dual SS904L Coil – rated for 70-80W
0.4ohm Dual SS904L Coil – rated for 60-70W
0.25ohm SS304 UN1 Coil – rated for 55-65W
0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 Coil – rated for 60-70W
Dual SS904L Coil – Corrosion-Resistance
Double Helix Mesh Coil
Self Cleaning Technology
Pro-Flavor Optimization Core System
Dual Knurled Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control Ring
Gold-Plated 510 Connection
Detachable Structure
Color: Black, Blue, Green, Rainbow, Purple, Stainless Steel

Dimension and Weight

Capacity: 5ml, 6ml with Installed Bubble Tank
Size: 25.7mm x 54.8mm
Weight: 55g

Package Contents

1 * Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank
1 * 0.4 ohm Coil
1 * Pre-Installed
1 * 0.2 ohm Coil
1 * Replacement Glass Tank Section
1 * Spare Parts Pack
1 * Drip Tip Cover
1 * User Manual

115 reviews for UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank


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  1. Vape K.

    All the reviews said they fixed the issue. I am getting a **** ton of spit back. Vapor production is great but I feel sick and my throat hurts now from all the juice going into my mouth. I so wanted to like this tank. Tried both coils. I get a lot of spit back.

  2. Anonymous

    Best crown tank ever.

  3. Eric D.

    I currently use the smok line of tanks which I thought were great. Then I got this one and wow it is awesome. Favor is great and vapor is awesome. And wattage is rated too low . I use the .25 at around 120 to 130 and favor is a lot better than the 80 to 90 they recommend

  4. Edhy

    Great AFC tank and love the color. Hope you carry the coils soon. Always fast delivery to Hawaii. Thanks again to all your staff

  5. Pedro V.

    Pros:Driptip Alot of Airflow (adjustable)No leaking , its sealed well throughoutGreat flavor Coils last a long time Cons:So far the crown 1 gives me better flavor (I’ve only used the .5 coil upto now)

  6. Alison

    I used to use the Herkuleus plus and after a year or so the o rings went out and started leaking everywhere. Definitely enjoying this new tank! I wish they had black and pink but the red doesn’t look too bad.

  7. Zayani

    Used it for a week. Superb build quality. love the matte black. Great Flavor. Easy to fill. tried to vape at recommended wattage on my DNA 75 but keeps giving me “ohms too high” at only 65W. Can only use it on my RX200 which sometimes can’t find the atomizer. Ohm reading on several devices is different from the ohm reading on coil. The ring on coil broke as soon as i pulled it out so i had to remove it from the other coil 0.25. There is something with Crown coils .. they just can’t get it right. Extra coils still not available so you’re stuck with the ones that come with the tank. I still think the original is better.

  8. Nelson R.

    Cant even get it out of her hands…flavor is fantastic, same coil head for almost a week now with no sign of slowing down, no leaking or any connectivity issues…definitely a great buy!

  9. Alex S.

    Much better than the crown 2 tank! One of the best ones I’ve used so far. Well worth the $$$.

  10. Michael k.

    This tank is great..flavor and clouds are to die for,i vape .5 at 70watts and its great,can vape up to 100w with no dry hits also at 55watts flavor and clouds are great..nice tank flavor better then Original crown..DOES NOT LEAK

  11. Anonymous

    Flavor and vapor production is just amazing!!! Love this tank and the improvements they did to it. They really unrated the coils cause these coils can pump and handle higher wattage.

  12. Cleveland v.

    I love my crown tank. The only downside is I don’t know how to work the thing because it doesn’t come with directions. Also I don’t want to loose that key. I am happy I have my 🌈 color tank.If your new to the uwell family you should buy this. I only purchased the first one so I didn’t have to experience the second generation flop

  13. Rocco G.

    I was a huge fan of the first Crown Tank. Never foxed with the second one, but this thing is amazing. I’ve used a ton of the newer tanks of various brands and this is certainly my go to. I love the flavor and cloud production. The quality is on point and the color options are sweet! If you’re looking for a fantastic vape then look no further. Just buy it!

  14. Davis C.

    Coils work great and seem to be lasting a good while. Definitely recommend if you’re in the market for a subohm.

  15. David G.

    The crown has made a come back . I like this tank way better than the baby beast line . Been vaping on mine for a week now and plan to buy another soon

  16. Alvaro A.

    If you are looking for flavor, then this is the tank for you! Beautiful tank that gives the best flavor and great clouds too

  17. justin a.

    Shipping is fast, the amount of products is huge and the prices are great. I have only ordered from here a couple of times but both have been smooth sailing. Definitely recommended.

  18. Carlos M.

    This is an awesome tank I would definitely recommend it to others!

  19. Danny L.

    The Crown III, is fantastic, very good on the vapor and the taste is there also. Love the no-threading of the coil heads and the quick release fill cap that they have had for a bit. you even get a crown wrench to take the tank completely apart, Uwell has thought this one out very well. You can look though the juice flow instead of having to unscrew their 316L stainless coils.. Now this is not an RTDA by no means but it is a very relaxing tank that you will truly enjoy and blows clouds pretty damn good. 3 coil options now a 0.25 for the most clouds, the 0.05 for a balanced flavor but does a nice job on vapor production, then last but not least the .08 for longer lifspan and less juice consumption. The 0.8 coils you will have to buy because they don’t include one in the tank package. The price on this tank and the excellent service that VaporDNA gives out makes this a no brainer !! Buy this damn thing, you will not regret it, I promise !!

  20. Mark

    Uwell knocked it out of the​ park with this version. Great flavor right from the beginning and no break in. Vapor production of very good. All in all, this is what the crown 2 should have been. Also, the coils are very well made and I’m still using the .50ohm chain vaping the **** out of it at 95w and it’s still going strong. I’m very happy that I got this tank and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality affordable sub ohm tank that’s not one of those ridiculous “super tanks” that need 200w to do anything.

  21. Elizabeth

    I’m a fan of the original Crown but never tried the Crown 2. I decided to give this a shot and it’s a slight improvement over the original. I like the push in coils and it gives a nice hit every time with awesome flavor. Only downside in my opinion is no rose gold. I have the rainbow and the blue but I miss that one. Thanks Vapor DNA for great service and fast delivery.

  22. Billy B.

    I will never buy from this site again. Waited 2 weeks to find out it was lost in transit. Waste of my time.

  23. MLO

    I still vape on my original Crown tank. Got this one cause it looked pretty cool. Vaped on it awhile and now don’t use it anymore. Something about the draw and resulting taste that is not to my liking. Original Crown tank is still a way better vape for me as well as the original TFV4. I keep trying new tanks (including Baby Beast and Big Baby and didn’t like them either) but never get the style vape I like as with the those two. Don’t think I’m going to be buying anymore tanks.

  24. Daniel

    Pretty good tank, has a tendency to leak if not upright. Make sure to turn off airflow when filling.

  25. Sam H.

    Doesn’t leak, like the design

  26. Shaggy

    Definitely a solid tank. Flavor is very good. Press-fit coils haven’t leaked on me yet. So, all basics, good. BUT there are a few things people should know. 1) Yes, the flavor is very good. But it’s basically equal to the Tobecco SuperTank (my go-to) which is cheaper for both the tank and the replacement coils. 2) The flavor sweet spot for the C3 .5 coil is about 70-80W, which is double or more than most other .5 coils I’ve used. So it’ll eat batteries twice as fast as another tank. And 3) Sure, the press-fit coils are nice, but the ease of those is counterbalanced by the fact that the tank itself is a super PITA to take apart (keep in mind this is coming from a SuperTank user). Bottom line for me: Overall, the Crown 3 is admittedly very nice. Despite my gripes, it’s still one of the best tanks out there right now. But personally, I think I’ll stick with the SuperTank as I get the same level of vaping satisfaction from it for less money and longer times between battery swaps.

  27. Jeremy P.

    The installed coil leaks right out of the box. I’m disappointed. I got it to work with the other coil that came with it.

  28. Brian M.

    The original Crown was very good (especially for its time). The Crown II was a HUGE disappointment, including their lousy coils. Then I tried the Crown SE and was very pleased with that one using the improved Crown II coils.Now – the Crown #: it is absolutely awesome. I’ve been primarily using the .5 ohm coils due to slightly better flavor. I’ve had no leaking, the coils have been lasting 7-10 days, and it has decent clouds (although I really don’t care about clouds because I am a flavor chaser), and great flavor. The only slight possible improvement would be if they had a coil with Kanthal, instead of SS. I use wattage mode and IMHO, Kanthal offers better flavor the SS.

  29. Micah K.

    I’m giving this 2 stars only because for the first week the flavor was great, the cloud production was great, and it was a good tank…..then it all went down hill. this tank leaks like no other. LEAKS, LEAKS, LEAKS, LEAKS, LEAKS, POS, LEAKS, if you like getting juice in your pocket, all over your counters, everywhere, LEAKY POS…….Did I mention that this thing leaks!!!

  30. Joseph W.

    Customer service from VaporDNA is top notch Ships fastGreat quality Easy transactions!

  31. Beniah A.

    Good tank and good top fill wit good flavor

  32. Mark P.

    LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!! Fills well, break in is only about 1/2 tank, no leaks, Vapes well at 80-90W full air, 60-70W with 1/2 air flow. Worth the money !!

  33. Steven F.

    So with the crown 1 I was ecstatic and happy. Crown 2 flop! But this one is slick and awesome! Easy clean, easy fill, easy life! Beautiful and great life of coils. Only issue is drains bats a little quick. But I got a better mod and now it’s all god.

  34. Christopher K.

    Really amazing tank only issue I’m having is I feel the coil gets over saturated and after a few puffs I have a chimney full of juice and drops in my mouth.

  35. Robert S.

    I have been using the crown 3 for three weeks now. I have not had any leaking issues what so ever. The .25 coil lasted me two weeks and I only swapped it to try the .50. The .25 is my favorite. Good flavor good cloud production. The coils are underrated. The .25 is rated max 90 watt. I have been using it at 105 daily. I bought a second one I liked it so much.

  36. Onofre B.

    Is a good tank I love it, but it goes through juice very fast

  37. Stephany B.

    Love crown tanks , I had a crowne 2 tank but the atomizers started getting cheap and only lasting a few days, upgraded to crown 3 and it’s fantastic! Completely all around improved!

  38. Michael S.

    Super easy to use. The coils just pop in without any ******** and the parts you do have to screw are sturdy and easy to do. There’s even a nice locking system.

  39. SubOhm v.

    Tank well made.

  40. Josh

    I have never used any other tank from Uwell but I really like the Crown III. So far the coils that came with the tank have lasted me nearly 4 weeks and the last one the .5 may last me even longer. I chain vape as well, I was going through coils every other day on the big baby beast tank.

  41. Kody B.

    The picture had a gold tip and it came with a red tip and I’m salty about it.

  42. P M.

    I’ve been using this for two weeks. No leaking at all. Great flavor and a ton of smoke!!

  43. Ted C.

    Overall a good tank. I bought specifically for the ss coils. Only problem I have with it is how hot it gets at recommended wattage and temp control does not work with coils in as mode. The drip tip is nice and comfortable, but way too heat absorbent.

  44. Murph

    This is a good tank. I love the way it looks. Good fill capacity and flavor. Not the best flavor but good. My complaints is that it likes to leak but its not to much. Pretty much I keep the airflow closed unless vaping and it keeps it under control. I use this as a backup tank so I can’t speak for cloil life but it seems much better than SMOK coils. My main complaint is that it needs more air flow and a bigger chimney and drip tip and so forth. Its not meant to be a supertank or anything but it is a step down from a lot of the newer sub ohm tansk due to that. For a good everyday tank for less experianced vapers though it is a really good everyday all day tank. I have just gotten used to more airflow and vapor. I run it around 80 watts and I have run it up to a 100 but it doesn’t change much so 70-80 watts is fine. It does get hot with longer vape sessions though.

  45. Jones

    The Crown 1 is one of my favorite tanks all time, Uwell dropped the ball multiple times since. I have had the Crown 3 for 4days here’s what I like. Quality machining, no leaking or coil flooding after refilling, S.S. finish looks sharp, Good airflow and decent drip tip. Dislikes are no R.B.A. available yet, liquid build up beneath the top cap, one of my two tanks the top cap is tricky to screw down. I’m still really sceptical of the claims that coils will last 2-3 weeks. This tank is worth a try , use coupon code vc10 for 10%off. Last but not least VAPORDNA is a great shop and online vender , good selection of new items, fast shipping and discounts.

  46. Kenneth H.

    The crown 3 is a masterpiece. This tank is top of the line. the .25 and .5 coils are both amazing and have great taste profiles. I would highly recommend this tank to anyone. The coils don’t screw in, just slide right in place. The top locks so you don’t unthread both pieces of the mouth piece. This is an all-around great tank. It tends to spill when full and reaches the top, but that’s expected. The mouthpiece o-rings crapped out on me, but I’ve had 3 crown 3’s and this is the only slightly defected one.

  47. Jason B.

    Very happy with the Crown. Have only used the .25 cool head so far but I’m getting damn good flavor and no leaking. Vast improvement over the two Crown tanks and for a pretty good price IMO. Buy it!

  48. MATT M.

    I grabbed this on a whim and am really glad I did. The coils last longer than others and it actually has me putting down my RDA

  49. Jama W.

    I’ve been using my crown 3 for about a week now and I’ve had no problems yet, no leaking and very easy to use.

  50. Mario A.

    So far so good, well made , looks great, great flavor.

  51. Lake E.

    I don’t know how they did it with just a single barrel coil but the flavor off this is better than almost any other tank I’ve tried. Better than the smok baby beast and the tfv 8 in my opinion. For the price everyone looking for flavor should have one of these.

  52. Anthony D.

    First off the product i got has been the best tank i have ever vaped on! Second the experience of buying this from your website was super easy

  53. Stephen R.

    My wife and I have 2 each of these tanks and we love them! easy to use coils are priced well and the flavor is amazing especially with the .25 coils

  54. Xuecheng C.

    Yeah I was so excited to received all my items, but when I tried to separated the tanks apart, the bottom part just cannot be taken off, it was so tight!!!!!!! I guess I’m the only has such bad luck to have a tank with low quality, I hurt my fingers during twisting the bottom, I use every tools I could think about to try to open it, it just remains tight, So how could I change the coils when I want to, and I damaged the tank badly during the whole process, I just do not want the refund, I just want to fight it !!!! But I failed…..I also bought 4 replace coils for this tank, so I have to order another one and hope it wouldn’t be like this one again.

  55. Cory Y.

    This is my second time purchasing one of these. I got the sapphire blue first, but the thread in my box broke and it’s stuck on there.This time, I got the purple one. It looks great! This tank hits great, feels great, is easy to use.Refilling the juice is easy with the quarter turn thing they have and the locking top part, which is a huge improvement over my original crown.Replacing the coils is also easy, with the friction fit little pod atomizers that it uses.The hits are large, full clowns with great flavor.

  56. mykull66

    Then this is your tank. I’ve been an avid smok user since I started vaping, and I’ve tried every tank they make. While the smok clouds are persistently good, the flavor fades after a day or two and is muted directly after that, so much you may as well be vaping tap water. The crown 3 is outstanding in both vapor production and flavor and you guessed it, no leaks. Finally I have room in my vape box for other supplies and not stuffed full of paper towels to mop up the 30ml of juice leaked out every day.

  57. Jon M.

    I have been using this tank for over a week now and it’s good. I have had a minor leaking problem a couple of times coming from the bottom air hole but nothing major.

  58. Yoseph M.

    Sick tank, really good flavor and clouds.

  59. SLM

    Darn good coil life for my ADV, 80/20 mix. Over 1 month! Could maybe have a higher capacity ; )

  60. Andrew L.

    Customer service dept is a joke. Never got tank, they’re giving me the run around on sending a replacement. Next I’ll be posting on their Facebook page.

  61. Jimmy M.

    The tank is great good flavor and the coils last. I definitely will purchase from you again fast shipping.

  62. Billy B.

    Great tank for low wattage

  63. Brent H.

    No issues so far, good flavor and it functions great. Came with an extra glass and plenty of extra power rings, and 2 different coils. Definitely my favorite tank I’ve used.

  64. Thomas E.

    Let’s start off I used to like uwell and there products have multiple valyrians no problems I bought the 3 on a whim has leaked since day one I’ve emailed uwell multiple times no response there customer service is awful and I will no longer buy or use there products if they can’t stand behind them

  65. Robert P.

    Good flavor,, haven’t tried the.4 coils yet, ordered this tank so I can vape around 50-55watts

  66. Sam B.

    The nicest designed tank I’ve ever owned. No leaking, coils are 10/10. After owning a smok tanks for last year this is a present from guy himself!

  67. Connie

    Big bold and beautiful tank. Wonderful flavor. Believe this …no leaks at all

  68. Anonymous

    I am very impressed with the website. I ordered my tank and got it extremely fast. I was continue my business with VaporDNA

  69. Jasen E.

    It wasnt so bad at first. Now ive had this tank for about 4 months and i cant even remember a time that it didn’t leak profusely. Its to the poit that i actually line the well under the atomizer with toilet paper just to slow it down a little. Horrible tank wouldn’t recommend to anyone

  70. Carlos A.

    As always, fantastic delivery speeds and items arrive in great condition. Perfect site for whenever you need anything at all.

  71. Richard G.

    I have a lot of tanks and the Uwell Crown 3 is by far my favotite. Just bought another one so my other one doesn’t get warn out.

  72. Haiyang Y.

    Bad product and cannot make the oil clean even.

  73. Robert P.

    Fast shipping, great price, great product much better than my Nautilus

  74. Kristyna G.

    Shipping was super quick! 5 stars!

  75. C L.

    I told myself I would never buy another tank with premade coils. I own a small shoebox full of tanks. I can’t find an RTA that doesn’t leak, can’t find a squonk that doesn’t leak or have finicky parts, and can’t normally find a tank like this with coils that last more than a few days (i.e Smok tanks). Coil life is my main concern with premades like this. I talked myself into this one, even though I actually didn’t like the original Crown tank because of the vacuum issue. I have now had the same coil as of writing this 3 weeks. That really doesn’t happen. I vape a LOT. I haven’t had a coil last more than a few days since 5 years ago when I first started, and that was the Herakles coils. The flavor with this tank is phenomenal, no leaking issues, and awesome coil life. Time will tell I suppose, but as of right now this is my favorite tank with premade coils.

  76. Thomas M.

    This tank is great for a flavor chaser. Also throws off some good clouds!

  77. Kat P.

    Great tank! Great prices! I’ve ordered from other sites but I have to say this is one of the best. Thank you

  78. Anonymous

    This tank seems great so far. No leaks no spitback. Great taste and very nice vapor production. Very easy to set up and use .

  79. Sebastian C.

    Its ok

  80. Brandon P.

    Fast shipping great product highly recommend to anyone

  81. Michael S.

    There was some tricks involved in replacing some of the parts with the key, or opening something I can’t remember. Got it to work eventually. It was ******* on real tight. The main problem is this thing gets HOT if you chain vape like me. Not recommended for chain vapers.

  82. Linsley A.

    So far I’m enjoying the uwell 3 sub ohm tank.

  83. Randall J.

    Good for flavor, and still makes pretty big clouds. Easy to fill with no leaking

  84. Sheldon R.

    Excellent flavor and also looks good. As far as VDNA their shipping is freaking awesome!!!!

  85. Jim

    I haven’t used a tank in a very long time and I am pleased to be using this one. I was afraid to go from a drip to a tank, but this thing feels great.

  86. Rachel S.

    This is a great tank!! It has a smooth hit even when someone that has never vaped takes a hit it is smooth for them as well

  87. Dov

    Huge tank, well built.Can get colored tips.

  88. Heather .

    Enjoy using this tank. Provides great flavor and clouds. Doesn’t get real hot with chain vaping. Fits mods. Overall a great tank by a great company with a quality build.

  89. Salvador T.

    Definitely great improvement from the crown 2, great flavor out this tank, no leaks.If you looking for a flavor thank, this is the one I recommend

  90. Thomas G.

    Great tank..

  91. Neal S.

    this tank puts my others to shame, great flavor and clouds. one, if not the best sub tank I have used

  92. Houstontexan76

    Beautifully made,solid, & lots of flavor. Definitely a plus with a different color drip tip. U-WELL CROWN IS BACK!!!

  93. Patrick L.

    Short time but so far this tank is excellent coils are great

  94. Gregg M.

    Has leaked since day one. Still leaking. Fail !!!!

  95. Kevin B.

    So not enough time with it but first impression is good. Uwell quality and seems to be a solid tank. Hopefully the coils are better than in the Crown 2. Will keep you posted.

  96. Brandon H.

    Hi.I love the new tank. It’s by far the best one I’ve owned yet, so thank you! One thing I would recommend is to ship your products quicker. It takes at least 3 days for them to actually ship out!~Cheers~~B~

  97. joe

    Not sure if i just got a bad coil, but i took this tank new on a road trip. It took about 6 hours of awful flavor, poor clouds and significant leaking out the bottom before this tank and coil started to act normal.Its ok, air flow is a bit high via the coil, which i feel thins the clouds and flavor.This thing gurgle and spits a decent amount, with such high airflow its natural to really rip the thing, which it rewards you with fluid in your mouth.Love the design and the coil system, but i dislike the coils and there’s only two parallel coil options that seem very similar.Ill chalk up the 6 hour awful break in on a bad coil (havent tried another) but the flavor and cloud is average. I dislike the lack of coil options. Excels in looks and coil replacement system only, in use its meh. This tank is back in the box awaiting an unknown future situation where i will actually use it.Give us some coil variety and wattage range at least.

  98. Randy D.

    Ecellent coils, flavor for days only con its the spit back

  99. Krystle R.

    Love the flavor I get from this tank ,and it’s a smooth hit

  100. Felix C.

    Really well made. 5 starts for machining, innovation, and finish.Vapes great, comfortable and good-looking driptip, 2 large fill holes makes filling a breeze with no annoying bubble back, Have carried around in my pocket all day, and in the car, with no leaking. The air holes provide great flow, and the adjustment is easy and doesn’t slip out of place accidentally. I really like the lock nut mechanism to keep the glass section ******* together while unscrewing the fill cap or tank off of my mod. And finally, the matte black finish looks amazing. Oh, one slight downside is the TCR needs to be tweeked in order to vape on SS TC mode because although the coil is SUS316 (Japanese equivalent to US SS316) the TCR is different due to the connectors apparently. TCR 120 seems to be a good solution.

  101. Anonymous

    Was a birthday gift and from the reaction of my son, I’d say it was Excellent!

  102. Brent H.

    This Uwell crown 3 creates incredible flavor! Very happy with my purchase!

  103. Beth C.

    I love the crown 3. It’s a perfect tank and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I received it on time and at a good price.

  104. Brian H.

    the crown 3 has some of the best flavor of any tank that I’ve tried. The coils in heavy use will last couple of weeks. Only downfall sometimes leaks top can be cross threaded easily.

  105. Amy

    This thing is the ****.

  106. Haiyang Y.


  107. krystaldesigns

    This is my first Crown, and after a month of use I still can’t believe how well I like this tank. Leakage is minimal (and so far has only been due to operator error) and the coil performance is astounding. In four years, I have not found a coil to last more than one week, until the Crown 3. The flavor is great, too.

  108. Barry N.

    Very happy with product and service

  109. Konnor H.

    I love this tank. Great smooth flavor and vapor production plus no leaking.


    I love all uwells tanks , but the crown 4 should of been released with the mesh coils , in this day an age subohm tanks we now know mesh coils are where it’s at with flavor and the coils they come with are terrible , I dont recommend this tank at all , if your in the market for a tank there are plenty of tanks that give off great flavor and are mesh and that you dont have to buy a pack of mesh coils for the tank because the coils provided are terrible , i gave it a 2 star rating because the tank makes vapor production and it looks nice but that’s about it …… big disapointment

  111. Even Better Than The Crown 3

    I’ve been using the Crown 3 since a few months after it came out and, to date, it is my favorite tank out there because of how great the coils are. Before that I had bounced around tanks quite a bit, and going way back I used SMOK for quite some time when they were on top. But SMOK’s coils became garbage as their QC dropped and I’d burn a coil out in 2-3 days tops. Finding a tank that had coils that worked well and lasted a reasonable amount of time was like trying to find a unicorn. Then I found the Crown 3, or in this case my unicorn. The tank was well designed, the coil loading was unique, the flavor/vapor was great, and the coils always consistently lasted at least an entire 7-day week before even beginning to burn out.

    Then the Crown 4 came out, and I snatched it up the moment it became available. Needless to say, I am so glad I upgraded. While the 3 is still an amazing tank, the 4 just refines it in every possible way. The design is more refined, the airflow is significantly increased, the self-cleaning system is a bit gimmicky but I don’t get residue in the bottom so maybe it’s for real, and the tank holds just enough juice with the bubble tank. Anyway, to round it all out a few weeks after I grabbed the Crown 4 they finally released their mesh coils. The flavor that comes off of the mesh coils is incredible, very “rich” for lack of a better term. And somehow they manage to last over a week, as well. I highly recommend this tank.

  112. PERFECT

    I normally like to vape between 120-160F with .07 to .1 coils. I couldn’t believe how well this tasted and how much smoke I got at 70 watts, I thought 80 watts it’s max range was too hot for the little 510 tip. It has not leaked at all with me, is easy to fill, tastes great, and I don’t go through 3 batteries (DNA250) in a day. I bought it as a beginner tank for friends to try, but it chucks smoke way better than I thought. It hasn’t leaked at all. I’ve smoked a little over 30ml of juice and still is great. I got the mesh coils and didn’t use the non-mesh.

  113. Great tank

    I’ve always like crown tanks from when I started vaping to quite smoking cigs. This tank is amazing. I’ve had it for like 4 to 5 days now and it’s been great the condensation rings works really well. Theirs barley any left over juice in the bottom breather part. Love the flavor production vs cloud production. Only thing I would like to know is when the mesh coils for this tank are coming out


    No leaking issues like with the crown 3. I’ve gone through 6 of the mesh coils and only one was awesome. They just don’t last as long as a good mesh coil should. After a day or two, the cotton swells and gets burned and chunks of cotton and juice spit up into your mouth. Compared to the 0.13 mesh coil in the voopoo uforce, these simply don’t last long enough.


    I have the crown 3 and now the 4. At the time the 3 was really good for flavor and ok for cloud production. I expected the same of the 4. What the 4 gives is the same flavor you would expect of a Crown tank with more cloud production than the 3 and larger capacity for juice. The 4 is less prone to leaking from barometric pressure changes than the 3. The only down side is that there is a souring to the flavor as the cotton breaks down. This starts after about 3 tanks of juice for me.

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