Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit 520mAh

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Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit 520mAh

Uwell presents the Caliburn Pod System, a low profile refillable pod device that is made for salt nic juice vaping. This dual method firing device is pocket sized and ready for adventure.

The Uwell CALIBURN 11W Pod System is a finely-crafted vape kits, combining a dual firing mechanism, aluminium alloy chassis, 520mAh battery, and utilizes Uwell’s proprietary Pro-FOCS flavor technology to maximize the effectiveness flavors. Constructed from sturdy but lightweight aluminium alloy, within the CALIBURN is a removeable 520mAh rechargeable battery designed to allow for charging outside of the device to ensure no downtime for the CALIBURN when needed. In addition, the CALIBURN features a dual method firing mechanism, using either the draw-activated firing mechanism or the intuitive firing button. Should the draw-activated firing mechanism fail, the intuitive button should still continue to function when needed. Furthermore, the CALIBURN Pod System possesses and uses the Pro-FOCS flavor technology, recycling drawn airflow through the atomizer core to load the airflow with condensed flavor. A top fill 2mL pod is used to contain today’s favorite juice, firing at resistances of 1.4ohms.

The Uwell Caliburn is a dual firing method device uses both button and draw activation and has an 11W maximum output. The Caliburn has a voltage output of 3.2 to 4.0V. Each Caliburn refillable pod has a 2ml e-liquid capacity and an atomizer resistance of 1.4 ohm. Each pod can use salt nicotine e-liquid and can be refilled with the removable tip. The drip tip also serves as a juice fill cover. The Edge has a built-in 520mAh battery with 1A charging. The base of the Caliburn features a single micro USB charging port. The Uwell Caliburn body has an LED battery indicator and an oversized firing button. The Uwell Caliburn Pod System is a great device for the active vaper that needs a pocket sized vaping device.



Specification: Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit 520mAh

Main features

Brand: Uwell
Model: Caliburn
Mod Type: Pod System
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 2ml
Resistance Range: 1.2-1.5ohm
Wattage Output Range: 11W
Voltage Output Range: 3.2-4.0V

Product Details

Dimensions – 110mm by 21.2mm by 11.6mm
Removable 520mAh Rechargeable Battery
Direct Voltage Based Output
Dual Firing Mechanism – Draw Activated or Button Activated
Aluminium-Alloy Chassis Construction
LED Battery Life Indicator Light
Side Mounted Airflow Holes on Each Side
2mL Capacity Juice Pods
1.4ohm Pod Coil Resistance
Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology
Top Fill System – Drip Tip Doubles as Fill Port Cover
3.5mm Fill Port – Dual Ports
Minimum Fill Line on Pod
Proprietary Gold-Plated Magnetic Snap-In Connection
Draw-Activated Mechanism Fault Diagnosis
Short-Circuit Protection
Low Power Alert
10 Second Cut Off Protection
Color: Iris Purple, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, and Blue

Package Contents

1 * Uwell Caliburn Device
2 * Uwell Caliburn Pods
1 * Micro USB Cable
1 * User Manual

83 reviews for Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit 520mAh


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  1. Howard L.

    Very tight draw

  2. Shankar N.

    Very good item…..

  3. TErry B.

    The new Caliburn Pod System is Uwell’s very first presentation into the vast and very popular pod vaping craze! In my opinion, they absolutely hit a “home run”! The dual firing setup of the Caliburn, allowing draw activation, as well as a single firing button, is totally awesome! The draw activation is one of the most sensitive I’ve used, allowing the user giving the slighted puff to produce a glorious cloud of vape! The flavor coming through is absolutely incredible, as well. A hefty 2ml refillable pod partnered with a very powerful 520mAh integral battery, keeps you vaping for a very long time! You can also lock your Caliburn with a series of pushes on the firing button, which is a great safety feature for pocket carrying vapers or vapers with small “curious” children around. The Caliburn measures 110mm in length, 21.2mm wide and 11.6mm tall, making it perfect for pocket or purse. The LED indicator light gives you current battery status and when it’s time to recharge. Did I mention it comes with two (2) refillable pods?! The price point for the Caliburn is very reasonable at a high of $40 and a low of $30…If you vape Nic Salts, do yourself a big favor and get a Caliburn…It has become my favorite, “hands down”!

  4. Darwin

    This is a very well made pod. The taste is just awesome and feels very premium and light weight with the aluminum body. Excellent choice for a discreet vaping at work.

  5. Michael H.

    Out of the many pods I’ve bought this is by far the best flavor and cloud. Uwell really knows how to turn out a top notch product.

  6. Anonymous

    I like this a lot. Nice mtl feel, it’s airy yet restrictive. Still the Renova Zero is my go to right now. The Caliburn is a close second.

  7. Jeffrey N.

    Great!!!!!!!! I love it

  8. Josh .

    2 days in and I haven’t experienced any issues so far. The flavor is the best of any pod system I’ve tried. I’m not sure about all of these comments mentioning a tight draw. IMO it’s on the more airy side and I’d personally prefer a slightly tighter draw.

  9. Shlomi P.

    Really flavorful for a pod systemBattery life is great (not excellent)Design wise, its alright, classy looking with a hint of old school vibesThe draw is looser than the Renova Zero, but still restricted All in all, I would recommend it!

  10. William R.

    The caliburn is the best pod vape I had in a long time

  11. Beau

    Easily my favorite pod system, flavor and draw are great and I’m on the original pod for going on two weeks now. Hasn’t burned or leaked, still working like a champ. I love pod systems for the convenience but had about given up on them because of sub par experiences with them, preferring my simple x with berserker mtl tank but I’ve hardly touched it since I got this. Outstanding.

  12. Allen H.

    Perfect for me device is what all reviews mentioned

  13. Caliburn U.

    The good- just about everything is just better with the Caliburn- taste, performance, battery life. The pods do not leak one bit. Pods are easy to fill and seem to last awhile so far.The negative- it seems to cut in and out while taking a draw. Pod caps can be pulled off easily. Not much to complain about here. Do not waste your money on any other device out there.

  14. William S.

    The best pod system I have ever tried. If your looking for an amazing pod, then look no further!

  15. Mark B.

    I don’t write reviews but have to on this one best pod yet favor and all great job like it so much going to buy another

  16. Tim W.

    This, the Uwell Caliburn, is my first foray into the pod-vape experience. However, I can say that I don’t see an immediate need to spend any more of my income trying to find a better portable Vaping system.I’d give it Ten Stars if I could!

  17. paul j.

    After a week of use I am unable to use it. The device continue-fires after every draw.

  18. Mabel

    I absolutely love this system and all the hype surrounding the Caliburn is completely warranted. I have three pod devices the Caliburn, the Vuse Alto (piece of garbage; only redeeming quality is that it is probably the most stealth vape on the market – the Caliburn is less stealthy and stealthiness is important to me for many reasons: vaping offends some people, et cetera), and the "legendary" Lost Vape Orion DNA GO. Of the three devices, I use I use the Caliburn the most often hands down, end of point. I am going to compare the Orion to the Caliburn as a point of reference since they are both super hyped pod systems on the higher end of the price range as pod systems go. Throughout the day I find myself alternating between my Orion and my Caliburn but I find as a former smoker of combustible tobacco, that the Caliburn is more intuitive with its EXTREMELY sensitive draw activated firing system. Heck, it draws better than an actual cigarette! I know vapes are not technically "smoking cessation tools" but my vapes (especially the Caliburn) have kept me away from cigarettes with absolutely no desire to return to smoking! Also the battery life is pretty substantial – I’d say it will last a good six hours of intermittent vaping before the battery indicator turns blue which is when I charge it and within 5 minutes its back to a full charge which is amazing compared to the more expensive Orion which seems to take forever to charge fully given it has a DNA chip and customizable settings which the Caliburn does not. However for my purposes, the lack of customization options is not a draw back for me — in fact, I like it better because there is less to mess with and worry about. Being able to actually turn the device completely off is also a big plus where with the Orion you can only "lock" the device. I also find that the flavor produced by my Caliburn is noticeably better than my Orion. The Caliburn produces about the same amount of vapor as my Orion on the low setting (which is the setting I always keep my Orion on to extend pod life). Which brings me to pod life. I would say that the pod life of the Caliburn is longer than the pod life of the Orion. Of course pod life is extremely difficult to gage due to all the different variables. But with my level of vaping I’d say I go through 2 MLs a day cumulatively. I alternate pods frequently because I like to change my flavors up but I would say that the pods last about 2-4 refills in my experience. I took away a star for the pods themselves because of their propensity to leak after refilling and while not being used. Vape Juice is very hard to clean up and I worry that the leaky pods may one day **** my battery or at least permanently damage the pod-to-battery contact sensors. Also refilling the pods for the Caliburn compared to refilling the Orion pods (almost no mess) is very messy and it is also a bit of a hassle to take the drip tip off the pod. The actual pods are my only complaint. In my opinion due to cost, convenience, portability, and vaping experience the Caliburn is better than the Orion DNA GO. *** If you look at the bottom of the attached image you can actually see where a pod I included in the picture has leaked onto the paper I set the pods on***

  19. Joshua A.

    I was a bit sceptical of this device at the price point but I’m glad I decided to get it. The flavor is unrivaled when it comes to pods, definitely a winner

  20. Billy Z.

    Many vape enthusiasts were reviewing this as the best new pod system to hit the market. They weren’t kidding. It definitely has the best MTL hit from any pod system I’ve tried. Very good flavor, strong throat hit, gives consistent hits. The draw activation on it is far better than the Juul, Smok Novo, etc. The button gives you slightly more vapor production, but not by much. The only con is that there is some minor spitback every so often. But not enough for me to be dissatisfied with it. This is going to be my new all day device along with the Smok Nord.

  21. allen g.

    Saw some mixed reviews about this device, but I can validate that this beats the smok infinix. Flavor in this device is like no other, its very good. Smoke texture is different but not in a bad way. I would like to take the time to tell everyone who is interested in this device that there is NO spitback. I’m no fan of that, and this device is similar to a aio coil system. Lastly, thank you to VaporDNA. They provided me with a device I cannot return, and extra pods that I will need more of 🙂

  22. Anonymous

    It’s perfect for the on to go vape. It keeps battery for quite some time. I’ve barely had to charge it since I’ve received it. Absolutely perfect!

  23. Ryan D.

    First time using Vapordna, the Uwell Caliburn I ordered from them arrived defective. It worked fine in every way except it would not take a charge. Once the battery died I was not able to charge it. I tried multiple chargers, cables, and wall outlets. I emailed vapordna and told them it was defective and asked if I could please send it back, but they demanded some kind of video proof to show it’s defective. I can understand them asking for this if I was just expecting a replacement without sending the defective unit back, but demanding a video seemed excessive when all I wanted was to return it. My phone always has trouble sending videos and tells me the resolution is too high, I’m frustrated that I got a bad device and haven’t been able to get any resolution. The vape seemed great when it worked but I am dissatisfied with the customer service.

  24. Anonymous

    This pod system is so great the battery is massive and lasts all day for a pod system it has a 2ml capacity and the auto draw is very sensitive. Great product would definitely recommend.

  25. Anonymous

    Great overall, however being a new user I haven’t found a liquid vapor I like, which would be the closest to non-menthol light cigarettes.

  26. Michelle O.

    Best ever!

  27. jose c.

    Love it!! This replaced my infinix. Even though it’s a looser draw, still a good pod system! One of the best I’ve had!

  28. Aaron R.

    -The best flavor PERIOD- Everything tastes better in the Caliburn. I’ve quested for anything, even a box mod (squonker maybe?) that comes close, but if your juice tastes good it’s going to taste even better in the Caliburn.-Battery Life, Longevity, & Durability- I’ve put tons of miles on both the one device I own and the 6 total pods I’ve purchased (2 that come with the kit and 4 in a replacement pack). I can’t tell you how many refills I’ve vaped on the device itself or the pods, but they just keep going and going as long as you keep them all clean. I’ve never had the Caliburn run out of power on me either (though I am good about keeping it charged up). Throw in the pass-through vaping, and I just rarely use any other device these days. I’ve also dropped the thing plenty of times, bumped it against hard surfaces while it was in a jacket pocket, etc. and it still functions just as well as when I got it. No issues whatsoever.-Ease of Use & Convenience- I like having both the button fire and auto-draw. I honestly alternate between the two whereas normally I’m an auto-draw guy. There’s a sweet-spot where the button fire coupled with the proper draw strength results in maximal flavor & vapor. It’s like it’s shooting vapor down your lungs. Amazing. While I’m driving I mostly like the auto-draw plus the device is light enough to hold in my teeth/mouth should I suddenly need to use both hands, although for casual city driving I just keep the Caliburn in one hand even when it’s on the wheel.-Variety Factor & Impress Your Friends- Finally, because the pods last forever, and it is so easy to switch pods, I run a different flavor juice in each pod all the time and just snap pods in/out as I go. I’ve currently got 5 separate pods going. Love being able to easily change flavors (even while driving) plus it helps prevent overstressing the pods when chain vaping. You can sometimes sense that dry/burnt hit coming, but then all you have to do is switch to a different pod. I love having my friends try the device and try really good new flavors in it, because the combination of the two just blows them a way. Honestly, the only downside to owning a Caliburn is that most other devices pale in comparison. I use to use multiple devices, but while I still own them, they mostly collect dust these days. Whenever something new comes out, all I care about is if a Caliburn user can chime-in and compared/contrast the two. Everyone else who’s never used one, is just in the Dark Ages as far as I’m concerned.

  29. Jerry .

    Your shipping speed just insane, will be ordering everything from you guys now.

  30. Brad

    Just received it, just opened the box, and just fell in love with it. Uwell you guys are killing the game right now.

  31. Ashley .

    I am a fitness coach and i use the Caliburn in my car, after working out. It’s now my favorite daily vape now. The flavor is the best out there, i have used many including the Juul and this product surpass that in term of flavor by miles.

  32. Ryan D.

    I ordered a Caliburn, extra pods and strawberry kiwi juice by SaltBae which was tasty. Unit was amazing, best I’ve ever used–til the battery was depleted. Device wouldn’t take a charge, no matter what cable, brick, or outlet I used. Was clearly defective. Wrote to VaporDNA, asked if I could please send back defective unit for replacement. They refused to do anything unless I uploaded a video of device not working. Maybe if I had been asking for a free replacement, that would have been cool, but I was asking to send the thing back, within just a few days of receiving the defective item. Rubbed me the wrong way. Really awesome device, I unfortunately got a dud. Because of ah issue with my phone, I can’t upload video, so I couldn’t get my defective unit replaced and just had to buy another one. That’s not really OK in my book, but I will say the shipping is fast and the device itself is incredibly satisfying with the exception of the charging defect in my first one. Hopefully next one works out better.

  33. Zac

    I have Vaped for years, and smoked cigarettes and dipped for even longer. I have used and own mech mods, regulated mods, custom mods, pod systems, rda’s, rdta’s rta’s, and many tanks. However every vape I used still left me wanting something more. I still would smoke and dip. I tried other pod systems, even the Orion, but found the pods burnt so quick, or leaked, or battery didn’t last, or flavor wasn’t good, hit was to tight, hit was to loose, battery didn’t last or hold a charge well, or would loose flavor and vapor production so quick. So I am always hesitant of pod systems. After watching and reading reviews bought the uwell caliburn, and every thing wrong with other pod systems they got right and the things other pod systems did good the uwell caliburn does amazing. The flavor on this thing is amazing, the pods last week’s and keep up the same level of flavor and vapor production, it doesn’t burn through juice, the battery is great and last long, the hit is perfect, the draw feel just right not super tight but not really super loose. This is the best pod system I have ever owned and one of my favorite vapes I have ever owned. It’s the only thing I take with me out the door and since getting it i havent had a cigarette or a dip or even a hit of another vape, and I haven’t had a desire too. This is amazing just buy it and buy from vapordna, best price and good service.

  34. yanco

    omg the flavor on this is just amazing

  35. Anonymous

    I’ve always been a fan of Uwell products. I was happy to see them venture into the pod system category so I gave it a shot. I have tried many pod systems over the years and this is now my goto vape. The coils give great flavor, the capacity and battery life are perfect for my needs. I love the magnetic attachment for the pods, so there aren’t any little clips to break. The automatic fire with the option to use the button is also a great feature. I’ll probably buy a couple more of these.

  36. LaurieP

    I liked my first one so much I now have two. This is so smooth, light weight and comfortable in my hand. I find the taste of the juice is better in this vape. The cartridge holds of decent amount of fluid without having to worry about running out. The recharge time is much faster than any others I have used. I am also impressed with how long the cartridge last before I need to change it. I do use both throughout the day. I get tired of one flavor and just use the other. I simply do not know how I could improve it. I am a satisfied customer. I thought my Breeze 2 was good but honestly this is far superior for my needs and test.

  37. Tony M.

    I used to have to carry large mods all the time. Not anymore. This little thing hits impressively hard for its size not only that but the vapor production is good and the pods last a long time. Im definitely getting another one.

  38. Anonymous

    This pod system is the best I’ve ever had and have ever owned. The flavor is amazing and the battery life has lasted for me, an entire 9 hour shift and then some. Thank you Uwell for a very well made product and thank you Vapor DNA for the fast shipping.

  39. Natasha F.

    It’s honestly my favourite pod system I have tried! Works great and it gives off really good flavour.

  40. Zaida S.

    I love ordering from vapor dna they have fast shipping and reasonable prices.

  41. Teddy

    This is one of the best tight draw AIO pods I’ve owned!! I love mines and I truly think it’s best for quitting smoking cigs!! A must have!

  42. Tasos S.

    I purchased it but never received it….40$ is not worth my timeTo go thru all the loops to make a claim …. this company don’t care about its customers

  43. Anonymous

    Flavor with this system is better then any others I have tried and lasts longer

  44. Chris T.

    I’ve tried a number of small devices and pod systems and this by far has the best flavor and longest coil life of anything I’ve tried. It’s also the least leaky of any pod system I’ve tried and most responsive autodraw. The sensor for which is offset from the hole the juice could leak out of, so you’d have to have a pretty bad situation to ruin the autodraw compared to most devices. The filling mechanism is also easy, even with glass bottles. I have very few gripes. Since getting this, I actually hit this more than my big things because it is actually pleasurable, rather than just a discrete delivery system. I bought a second one, too.

  45. Wayne R.

    Hands down the best pod system on the market right now. Closest equivalent to puffing on a cig I’ve found. Great little device with a pretty decent battery life. I recommend purchasing 2 so you can always keep one on the charger until the one you’re using goes dead, then swap and repeat.

  46. Zach D.

    The ability to control intake whether you want to use the button to produce more vape or just drag it beats out the JUUL. Also being able to refill it without leaks and the tank itself being way bigger in size made this my new go to. The only negative is airflow, IT DOES NOT DRAG LIKE A CIGARETTE but then again I wanted to give up smoking, not prolong the addiction.

  47. Bunboogie

    This will be my quick on the go. Small, good flavor “reds apple salt nic” might get another just to have. Good air flow. For the price you can’t go wrong!

  48. Anonymous

    Good price, delivered on time but too much hype about this device. The flavor is really good and the coils are smooth and I haven’t gotten any dry hits. Pods last about a week with each pod being refilled around 10 times. Even though I think this device is great it’s not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

  49. Abdullah A.

    I like it. It has a wide puff some ppl might not like that.

  50. Cody G.

    This is by far my favorite pod system and I’ve had my fair share of pod systems! This is my work device. Pods and battery last me about 2 days before needing a refill or charge. The hit and airflow is about as perfect as it gets. And the flavor is super saturated.

  51. Anonymous

    Excellent product

  52. Chris

    Personally, I don’t think mouth to lung is resistant enough for me on this device but I prefer lung hits anyway. The pods are easy to fill and haven’t leaked. The window so you can see your juice level on the side is a nice touch. Build quality is great and the instant activation is perfect and reliable. Thanks to Riptrippers for reviewing and recommending this. I am happy with my purchase. Note: I got this for $21.95 and would not have considered it for the $50 normal price tag.

  53. Daniel M.


  54. Taylor H.

    I loveeeeee this pod system, absolutely one of my favorites. Unfortunately this time around, the device started to malfunction. I don’t know if it’s because I had one leaky pod in there- which was completely my fault- or for another reason but it was firing off all by itself unless I turned it off. I tried all the regular tips and tricks and nothing worked so I had to go out and buy a different system since no shops near me sell this product. This was my second one, my first I had lost and I loved it so much. This is by far one of my favorite products but this one just didn’t hold up like the first one did, which I had for almost 3 months of perfection

  55. Shane

    Hands down best flavor from a pod system! And to top it off the device is solid, well built, nice weight and the draw is perfect.

  56. Jenna R.

    Best pod system out there! I LOVE the top fill! and I love the option for draw activated or button activated! Battery life is great, lasts me almost all day (and I chain vape). The flavor is super strong. The body is light but sturdy (I have already dropped it a few times ****). Super small, but I love that as I have pretty small hands and big pod system just don’t fit right in my hand. The cap for the pod is a bit hard to get off at first, but it gets easier over time.

  57. Anonymous

    Consistent coils

  58. Charles S.

    Very smooth auto draw vaping experience.

  59. Vape L.

    This is the first pod system ive tried that DOES NOT LEAK!!! Hits like a boss coils last and last …. great buy.

  60. Joseph H.

    The caliburn was easy to use, vertical coils gives it a great taste and vaporDNA was on point with my package and feedback to a question I had. Very fast delivery! Thank You, VaporDNA you helped me and my mother get of cigarettes for good!

  61. bryan

    this is the best pod still

  62. Doris T.

    My products came quickly and intact. The Uwell Caliburn pod system is the best pod I’ve used so far. Loved that it comes with an extra pod and my ***** Lava juice tastes awesome from it. This company is quickly becoming my favorite ❤️ So happy I found you!

  63. Fred S.

    Love this system👍

  64. Lane C.

    This thing is absolutely amazing! The draw is perfect for a mtl. Flavor and pod life is unmatched compared to any other pod system on the market. Hands down my favorite. Uwell hit a grand slam with this one. I definitely recommend to pick this one up!

  65. Dane D.

    Fantastic, produces excellent flavor and has outstanding battery life.

  66. Anonymous

    This is a great pod device. Easy to fill, no leaks, no spitback. Battery life is great. Very lightweight and compact. Love that it has both draw and button activation. Flavor is very good with a vey smooth draw. It is somewhat restricted for lung hits, but after all it is a pod device. Uwell did their homework.

  67. John L.

    Great little pod easy to use. Put out good vapor production. Battery life is good fast charging. Juice lasts. Very satisfying. Great service.

  68. Jen O.

    Had a lot of spit back into my mouth and was not expecting it after reading all the other reviews. Other than that I really liked it but due to the spit back I am unable to use it.

  69. Anonymous

    I am extremely happy with this pod system, because as a former smoker gives me the idea of a cigarette, easy to carry with you, charges in about 30 minutes using an USB. Love the fact the color of the light starts to warn you about the battery levels ahead of time changing color and btw, battery last several hours, but depends how often you vape. Pods are easy to remove and refill with your favorite ejuice. I recommend it for people looking to quit smoking and start vaping and also for the ones who wants to buy a pod system

  70. Richard M.

    Awesome device, pods are lasting about 2 weeks, tank and battery last almost all day. Flavor is phenomenal.

  71. Clifton A.

    Hits just right for salts. Charges fast and reliable. I have dropped it a few times with no visible scratch or dent in it. The body is nice and the purple color has grown on me. Would recommend for anyone wanting a pod based system.

  72. Walter .

    It’s california burn? Hahah, who cares about the name. This product is just amazing. Flavor is the best i have tried in any pod devices. It gives you that pure, crisp taste that you can’t seem to get with other pods. Maybe their coils different?

  73. Anonymous

    This is my go to ‘out and about’ device. My other small form factor setup is the Aegis Mini with the Zeus single coil RTA, but I almost always take the Caliburn instead. Coil does last a long time and the flavor is great. After reading much about the Caliburn, it lives up to the hype. Thanks to VaporDNA for their speedy service as usual!

  74. juan

    this pod has the best flavor ive ever tasted

  75. Dakota S.

    The Caliburn is even better the the mesh pod system I tried. I love this thing!

  76. Adam

    I have gone through a few pods and this one is by far my favorite!

  77. Kt

    It’s the first pod system that I have tried that I don’t ruin immediately. I don’t care for the button but that’s me. The pods are reasonably priced too. Convenient for when I go to physical therapy which is a big plus. It’s easy to use stuff like this that helps me not want to smoke. I gave my Orion q away and tossed my knot ace in the bin.

  78. Sam V.

    Item(s) failed within three months. One keeps burning without provocation. The others contact/magnet broke off. Terrible customer service from Vapor DNA and Uwell. STAY AWAY! Have never received such bad service from vendor and manufacturer in my entire life

  79. Steve .

    I mostly use rtas or rdas but I love the size and convenience of a pod. It has good flavor and the battery life is decent. It recharges really quickly so it’s not a big deal that it doesn’t have a lot of battery life. And the pods seem to last me about 7 to 10 days before the flavor gets bad. Good for beginners or anyone who wants a small device.

  80. Steven C.

    I have converted 3 friends to use the Caliburn because their pod vapes were **** & the caliburn is 100% pure heckin’ great. Im serious. It works like a heckin charm.

  81. Anonymous

    quit ripping people off

  82. Ryan L.

    Best I’ve used to date I have 3 of these lol

  83. Uwell Caliburn Vaporl 10% off:DNA10

    Very tinny and easy to use, Awesome!the delivery is so fast.

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