SV Mi-Pod Ultra Portable Kit

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SV Mi-Pod Ultra Portable Kit

Specification: SV Mi-Pod Ultra Portable Kit


Brand: Smoke Vapor
Material: All-in-one kit


Battery:950 mAh
Micro USB Charged
Direct Voltage Output
Output Based on Resistance and Battery State
On and Off Capable
0.5 to 3.5 ohm Atomizer Resistance
LED Battery Life Indicator Ring
Blue – 3.7 to 4.2V
Full Battery Life
Purple – 3.4 to 3.7V
50% Battery Life
Red – 3.4V
Low Battery Life
Replaceable Pod System
2ml Tank Capacity
Vertical Viewing Window
Stylish Chassis
Brilliant and Unique Patterning
Lanyard Attachment Point
Pod Acts as Drip Tip
Stealth Mode/10 Second Cut Off


One SV Mi Pod
Two Refillable Pods
One Braided Lanyard
Micro USB Cable
User Manual

37 reviews for SV Mi-Pod Ultra Portable Kit


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  1. Suzanne S.

    Better than the Juul! Consistently good hits and flavor.

  2. thomas s.

    Been waiting to find a pod system I liked this little thing is great

  3. Chad W.

    I love this thing! It’s my daily driver with nic salt, highly recommended if you just want a easy to carry around device that is extremely light.

  4. William G.

    I ordered this as a second/backup system and the price was phenomenal.

  5. CASEY B.

    It was a decent pod-system vape in the beginning. I ordered because my brother had one and really liked it, and I liked the design of it and the color options. After a couple weeks of use, it would light up when I draw on it but the coil wouldn’t fire. This was due to condensation building up on the terminals. A simple wipe of the terminals would fix this, but it was so frequent that it became annoying. Also, juice would build up in the draw-activation hole and make it not function properly. When filling the pod, unless it was COMPLETELY empty, you would have the issue of the coil becoming so saturated that juice would drip out of the pod when filling it. Poor design flaw there. Lastly, the cost of the pods is ridiculous. $10 for 2 pods that don’t last that long? No thanks. Purchased a Breeze 2 to replace this one, no regrets.

  6. Anonymous

    The mi pod looks cool and works decent. Its not as responsive to mtl hits as some, but it fires fine. Has more cloud production than most. Pods can be kinda inconsistent in how they fit in the device an fire.

  7. Jessica P.

    This little thing hits like a beast!!! I haven’t used my big mod since I got it. Shipping was super fast as always. Thinking about getting another one soon.😊

  8. Janice I.

    This is working…

  9. Gabriel O.

    Great delivery options and selection. I’ll be making more purchases from VaporDNA

  10. Matt T.

    I’ve owned the smok fit, rollo badge, smok novo and jwell la carte and this vape has been by far the best out of all of them. It produces great flavor, decent sized clouds that still allow for one to be discrete and has a good battery life. As a former smoker who quit using vapes, I would highly recommend the mipod to anyone trying to do the same.

  11. David

    Love my Mi Pod!

  12. Rebekah S.

    I absolutely LOVE this pod. I use the mad hater spearmint gum nic salt pairs prefect with it. Best flavor of any pod system I’ve used and produces good cloud for a nic salt pod.

  13. Anonymous

    TLDR; yes I would recommend this product, just keep the cost of replacement pods in mind.I like the size and shape, and I especially like getting to pick from a diverse selection of colors and textures, but the design is still simple, so you don’t feel like you’re vaping a rocket. I removed one star because the pods only last a few days and are fairly expensive to replace. I’m sure that depends on your vaping habits, but in my experience, I’m spending about $10-$15 a week on just the pods. Maybe this is true of most pod systems?

  14. Anonymous

    The flavor is surprisingly good but the draw is just too tight for me.

  15. Zane

    This thing hits like a truck! I love it!

  16. Randy S.

    If you want a vape that will replace your cigerette addiction, this one is the answer, No leaks, great battery, easy to fill, great overall salt nic experience over 3 other devices I’ve tried, thumbs up!!

  17. Christine M.

    Absolutely perfect! Easy to fill and pods are refillable, battery lasts forever and charges quickly, don’t have to push a button to draw, small – size of a zippo so easy to carry. Not as tight a draw so I don’t cough my head off. I use salt nics in it and it’s very smooth. No spitting or leaking. I just can’t say enough good things about it. Definitely will remain my daily device. Plus customer service is top notch.

  18. eric P.

    Good. Have you given any thought of selling of Amazon? For prime members its free two day shipping, you get a lot more views, and you would be the only one selling nicotine salt vapes there. Just a thought, that’s where I looked for one at first till I couldnt find one, that’s when I found your site. Love the pod though. Use it daily. Had it a long time and still on the first cartridge. Thanks guys!!

  19. Courtney G.

    I love the Mipod’s – cheap to maintain, easy to refill, clean! I’ve had for 8 mths no problems love the product!

  20. Brittany S.

    It’s a great little beginner vape. Super discreet, charge time is great, the pods don’t leak, it’s awesome that it comes with two. Battery life is really good too.

  21. Melanie E.

    I am giving it 3 stars because as my daughter loves the mipod I was misled on the lanyard that was to come with the device. The pictures and reviews stated it was a chain lanyard but it come with that and VaporDNA was unwilling to correct the issue and informed me I would have to do their job and contact the manufacturer. The lanyards cost less than $10.00 and they couldn’t even make a customer happy but instead they pushed the issue off on someone else.

  22. Jonathan H.

    I ordered a royal red one but due to verification issues it ended up resetting my cart and adding a digital blue

  23. Isaias

    I did really enjoyed this pod system it had a great pull and still kept the flavor of the liquid. Only thing is the cartridge was a hit or miss sometime it leaked or would fall out. They need to fix that and I wou,d definitely switch back to it. Super good tho as you can tell I used it a lot even with the cartridges messing up

  24. Theresa

    I already have 4 Mipods because I love them so much. The draw system is easy and you get great flavor and clouds for a pod device. Also order some red replacement pods.

  25. Marco D. Amador Castro

    Muy buenoExelente batería y rendimientoLo único malo fue que me trajo un cartridgeDefectuoso

  26. Stephanie W.

    It’s good little pod, battery life is good and a good amount of power. I only have two issues, one the plug for the juice broke the 1st day but I can still use it, second if you drag back to back or one long hit it seems to get a little hot on the corner of my lips. I don’t notice it as much anymore or either I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not painful but noticeable. I would still recommend this product, and as always Vapor DNA deliver was extremely quick. Never any problems when ordering!

  27. Kate H.

    SO GREAT!!!! First few days have been great… easy draw…great battery life… the size is great! definitely recommending to people

  28. Brad J.

    Love this pod system

  29. C.J.A.

    Great powerful device and was fun to use for the first month I had it. From what I noticed is the cartridges leak very easily and I’m always having to clean everything out almost every day. Sometimes the device fires on it’s own. Now my device won’t fire at all. Powers on and off but when I take a pull, I get nothing even with new replacement cartridges.

  30. Dan

    Changing my review to show what this product has become in the 3 weeks that I have been using it. Now it likes to auto fire, stay firing after hit, led likes to just flash, will continue to fire after pod is removed, short pods out, give continuous dry hits even with full pod. I enjoyed it for about the first 2 weeks that I was using it now I just want to throw it into the trash can.

  31. Jonathan

    This is a great vape but in my opinion its not good for mtl vapers…other wise flavor is good, battery is good and has good vapor production…also SV has the best customer support(the cust. sup alone makes me want to strictly vape SV products) but i wish this ones mtl was more like the vagan or fit

  32. mr. t

    this product feels as if you’re vaping, like a vape should but it’s got just a tight ******** personality. really just brings everything together

  33. tony

    so far so good. good flavor and good cloud production. also battery lasts me a while

  34. Tobe D.

    This is a great vape over all wit gr8 clouds and flavor.

  35. nano

    love it. mine came with a chain

  36. Theresa

    Mipod has one of the best pod devices I have ever owned or used. I have bought 3 Mipods and they are nothing but outstanding. Great flavor and clouds for a pod and the designs are awesome for anyone. I recommend you buy one or five.

  37. Marco D. Amador Castro

    Excelente podsBuena batería y rendimientoLe Di 4 estrellas porque me vino con un cartridge defectuoso

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