Spiro CBD Full Spectrum Kit 3.3% Active Cannabinoids (4.2ml)

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Spiro CBD Full Spectrum Kit 3.3% Active Cannabinoids (4.2ml)

Spiro’s organic full-spectrum, THC-free hemp oil vape juice and the Aspire Gusto Mini. With its sleek and discreet design, combined with easy-to-use Spiro hemp vape juice pods, this kit integrates superior, unrivaled functionality with the convenience of transportability, giving you the most effective CBD pod delivery system in the industry.
Studies have proven that vaping CBD e-liquid is the fastest and most effective way of absorption in your system. It provides the highest bioavailability compared to all other forms of consumption. Spiro’s proprietary full-spectrum hemp formula vape juice (not isolate) has the highest profile of multiple cannabinoids and terpenes on the market, providing you a CBD vaping product unlike any you have ever experienced. Try it and you’ll feel the difference!
The Spiro CBD Kit has 3 delicious all-natural flavors for you to choose from.

Specification: Spiro CBD Full Spectrum Kit 3.3% Active Cannabinoids (4.2ml)

Spiro CBD Starter Kit Includes:

900 mAh Battery
4.2ml Pod of naturally flavored full spectrum hemp oil formula
Replacement Mouthpiece
USB Charging Cable
User Guide
Available Colors: Black
Available Flavors: Raw, Citrus, and Mint

7 reviews for Spiro CBD Full Spectrum Kit 3.3% Active Cannabinoids (4.2ml)


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  1. Anon

    By far the best closed system vape I’ve used. Other pods have leaked and had many issues. These pods are well-built and so is the vape itself. All the flavors are amazing too!

  2. adam

    Gusto mini
    The Gusto mini is perfect for beginners or people who like easy vaping. Pop in a cartridge and vape. No coils to change or buy. Coils are inside the e-liquid. Easy to maintain and convenient, this is my favorite.

  3. Victoria

    Great secondary vape unit
    Great secondary vape unit! I bought this unit so I could see whether I wanted to go back to a cartridge unit or not. The unit performs great and I love the plume. It delivers the flavor of Tribeca exceptionally well. It could be my vaporing technique, I found that the cartridges, although they have 4.2 mL, didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked. I used up to 4 cartridges in less than a week. I may use this unit as just my back up and not for everyday use.

  4. Jon

    Not quite what it could be
    I switched from G6 to Gusto Mini to get pre-filled pods and not have to handle loose nicotine liquids, especially since I have a child now. While the ease of use, the volume, and the flavor it generates are great overall, the mechanics should have been better for both pleasure and safety purposes. The pod does not sit securely enough on the battery with the push-in system, leading to occasional leaks, which are both unpleasant and unsafe. If you push the pod ALL the way in, it doesn’t quite sit correctly, and it has to be nudged back into place. A magnetic drop-in system–which is the form factor the Gusto lends itself to–would have been 100 times better.

  5. Monica

    Great Device
    I’m four months into the vaping world and up until now have used e-cigs which didn’t last long. But I wanted something a little less conspicuous for when I’m out and about. So I purchased the Gusto Mini and I love it. The flavor of the Tribeca is wonderful and the ease of use is second to none. In fact, I’ve just ordered another whole unit as a backup.

  6. Juan

    Mini Gusto Saving Lives
    Hey, I’m from the Dominican Republic and I wish to talk to you about how the Mini Gusto changed my world and the world of my friends. Only by telling them the brand and the model of the device they just went to buy it online.
    I have like a leash for the Mini Gusto and a silicone cover for falls. I love Halo and Aspire. I will wait for that mail and we love you guys!
    See you,
    Juan Batlle

  7. Rebakah

    Perfect Mini size, excellent vape experience, packs flavor
    The sheer convenience of this thing’s mini size is a huge plus, I can carry it anywhere in my pocket discreetly. It vapes just as good if not better than my standard mod I normally use. The flavor is excellent and the ease of popping in the pod instead of refilling my tank makes it a winner for me. I will be purchasing 2 more of these, one for my rotation and one as a gift for a friend. I’m 5 star happy with this mini mod!!!

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