OFRF Gear 24mm RTA

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OFRF Gear 24mm RTA

Specification: OFRF Gear 24mm RTA


Brand: OFRF
Material:304 Stainless Steel Construction


24mm Diameter
24.6mm Tall
2.3ml Standard Tank Capacity
3.5ml Bubble Tank Capacity
Two Large Fill Ports
High Capacity Tank Reservoir
Top Mounted Quad Terminal Build Deck
Single Coil Build Deck
Compatible with Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Coils
Scratch Resistant Build Deck
Dual Wicking Ports
Double O-Ring Secured
10mm by 3mm Each Airslot
Two Drip Tip Options
510 8mm Wide Bore Smoked Black PC Drip Tip
510 7mm Regular Bore Black Delrin Drip Tip
Gold Plated 510 Connection


One 510 Wide Bore Smoked Black PC Drip Tip
One 510 Regular Bore Black Delrin Drip Tip
One 0.33 ohm 28+38×9+28+36 3mm N80 Coils
40 to 55W Recommended Wattage Setting
One Spare Bubble Tank Section
One Pack of Japanese Cotton
Spare Parts Pack
One Instruction Manual

67 reviews for OFRF Gear 24mm RTA


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  1. Felix V.

    This little RTA preforms great. The ease to built and the quality overall is superb. Definitely a must have..

  2. Kris S.

    Good flavor and easy to build on all around a great rta.

  3. William K.

    Amazing compact flavor ******!! OFRF killed it.. I’m usually in the dual coil but this Lil RTA pumps out great flavor, easy easy to build on, and looks great!! What are you waiting for tap that buy button you will not regret.. as always extremely fast shipping thanks vapor DNA!!

  4. Alan S.

    don’t over look this one…its a flavor monster…i found doing a build of .45 was the sweet spot…when u vape a nice fruit juice an u feel like its drippin down your chin..you know its good…doe not hold a lot..but still worth getting..i have another on order its that good…Dna is my go to vendor for stuff…always a good selection an good pricing..and fast shipping…so dont come here to browse..buy the good stuff they offer….before its gone

  5. gadget

    This is a nice RTA, I like the compact size.It’s easy to build on and produces fantastic flavor.

  6. joshua d.

    awesome tiny rta. easy to build and great flavor

  7. Allen K.

    I absolutely love this rta. It’s small, compact and the flavor kicks ***! I broke the bubble tank portion on my first use, cause I wasn’t thinking about the type of juice I was using. Regardless, this rta is a must have for anyone who loves single coil flavor bangers.It reminds me of the goblin mini

  8. Joe d.

    A much better tank than I expected. A nice light compact heavy hitter. Perfect for your on the go mod

  9. Joseph J.

    Amazing flavor and easy to build on. Just wish it held more!

  10. Jeff S.

    Decent flavor, I wish the air hole under the coil was a millimeter smaller. It would be better if the bubble tank was glass.

  11. PSS

    Oh baby, this tank is insane. Very easy build deck AMD very easy to wick. AMAZING FLAVOR comes out of this thing, great vapor too. Really worth every penny.

  12. Lucas A.

    Super cute, easy to build and wick, leak resistant and amazing flavor. Would get a second one.

  13. David D.

    Love vapor dna!! Usually have what im looking for. Except maybe some oddball stuff.The ofrf gear rta is awesome! Was looking for a rta that looks good on my space gray dotmod 75w. And this one in gold matches perfectly. And its nice and short so it dont look ****** tall. Most importantly its easy as **** to build on and to wick and the flavor is great! Do yourself a huge favor and pick one of these up. Highly recommended

  14. Schown

    Favorite rta of 2018

  15. Ben

    My all time favorite rta!

  16. Reviews L.

    Overall just an amazing experience! Machining is great, flavor is phenomenal, and you save so so much on battery life! The build deck is easy and intuitive to use and build on and just overall an AMAZING experience! Good job OFRF!

  17. Reviews L.

    My new favorite rta! Check out my full review at Reviews Like A Sir on YouTube!

  18. Josh

    thid has got to have the best flavor ive had of any rtas ive had, snd ive had at least 30 different rtas, no exaggerations. The coil is very close to your mouth which makes it intense. The wicking is very forgiving so u dont need to be a pro at wicking .

  19. Thomas

    Pro: Easy to build onSo-so: Flavor(It’s better than most RTA’s but don’t buy into the youtube hype)Cons: Liquid capacity, Drip tip, and unscrewing the deck can be a pain

  20. MasterSe7en

    I’ve been through about 15 rta’s my fault had always been my sigelei moonshot, the flavor was the best in that until I got this, I’m a big fan of small rta’s the only down side for me is the single coil, if only I could put some dual coils in here this would be the best for me, but I definitely recommend it

  21. Anonymous

    Great variety and good prices. Fast shipping. I’m pleased!

  22. John M.

    Great flavor do not mind filling it more worth the multiple fills

  23. Joseph C.

    Wonderful experience thanks

  24. Brian P.

    Killer flavor, easy to build, will spit back unless you pack the heck out of it with cotton. No leaking, but will leave condensation.

  25. Jeffery Z.

    Love this rta hits hard perfect draw and airflow , zero spitback . My fav RTA .

  26. Harley

    Love the Gear RTA!! It’s small and compact, looks great on any mod. I believe it has the best flavor of any rta I’ve tried to date! It’s almost as good as a single coil rda, better than some larger single/dual coil RDA’S that I’ve used. I’ve experienced no spit back or leaking, only a small amount of condensation around airslots after a couple tanks of use. Thats to be expected with any bottom airflow device. Only con I could find is the airflow can be a bit loud when fully open and you take hard drags. But I use it half closed and take softer pulls and its not so loud like that. Overall, I highly recommend the Gear RTA to anyone looking for a smaller RTA with AWESOME FLAVOR!!

  27. Harley B.

    Quit thinking about it, just purchase this RTA if you like a warm flavorful vape at low/medium wattage. Best rta I’ve used to date! I’ve been using mine with a 0.35ohm triple fused alien @ 30-32 watts and it’s heaven. Haven’t had any issues with it leaking or dry hits. Small amounts of condensation around the airflow after a cpl tanks. The hype is definitely real, Love this RTA!!

  28. Joshua A.

    My first rta and it was easy to build. Amazing flavor so I don’t mind having to fill it up.

  29. Jonathan F.

    Absolute flavor ******

  30. Gary B.

    Thought would be better but use daily so deff good!

  31. Alan P.

    Love this little rda. Flavor is amazing. Eventhough the capacity is not great, I don’t mind having to refill it once or twice a day. It’s easy to build on. It doesn’t come with the frosted bulb anymore, instead it comes with a glass bulb now but I still love it. Must have if rda is your thing.

  32. Dustin H.

    I have been looking for a short good looking RTA every since I got the Moonshot 24mm, This is one of the easiest RTA’s to rebuild and way less of a hassle, I can rebuild all 4 of the gear RTA’s I own in the time of fiddling with the moonshot once and possibly getting it right, Flavor and vapor production are amazing, I cannot think of much that could be improved other than capacity but I feel it was designed this way for the short height so I can’t knock it for that either, I suppose the could make a 27mm-30mm version in the same height to add capacity.

  33. Collin H.

    I ordered two RTAs. When I got my shipment one of them was not what I had ordered. I emailed and they got back to me quickly and got me the correct RTA. I’ll order again from VaporDNA! Thanks!

  34. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this rta. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes single coil builds and is ok with a low juice capacity. It’s my first rta and i always heard rtas were prone to leaking if not wicked properly. Ive had no leaking at all from it.

  35. ahfu25

    I was skeptical about this single coil RTA but the flavor on this is excellent! Also great customer service by VaporDNA. My top cap got stuck and wouldn’t come off at all. They gave me a gift card in the amount I paid for the GEAR RTA and I was able to reorder it.

  36. xero

    The Gear RTA is, hands down, one of the best RTAs on the market! You just NEED to make sure you wick it properly. It will probably seem like not enough cotton and you may think it is going to leak like crazy, but it will wick perfectly! Keep about a 2mm a gap in the wick ports and you should see great clouds with amazing flavor!

  37. Stuart D.

    Great little tank. Excellent flavor and cloud production. Depending on your build it can **** thru the ejuice since it only has a 3ml tank.

  38. Beau B.

    Love this tank! Flavor and draw are excellent and it fits just right on my aegis mini. It’s small so you do have to refill quite a bit but that doesn’t bother me at all.

  39. Daniel S.

    Excellent flavor ******. Love the ejuice capacity, I’m one of those people who loves switching liquids all the time so a small tank just works wonders for me. The only con I’d give it is the weird drip tip, I changed it as soon as I got it.

  40. Jimmy

    This is probably in my top 3 single coil RTA’s I have ever tried. The flavor is so pleasant due to the short distance that exists between the coil you install and your lips. Luckily, it is very resistant to spit-back, assuming you wick it correctly. Which is another great thing about this tank, being the ease of building and whicking. To be honest though, the super small capacity along with the great mesh sub ohm tanks on the market now, this RTA could not possibly touch those other products in any category. Overall, it looks sweet and vapes well.

  41. Michael C.

    I was really expecting to be blown away by flavor, as every review raved about it. Flavor is great from the Gear RTA, but isn’t better any than the Intake RTA. The Gear RTA is excellent, but looks odd on a lot of mods because it’s so small. It has to be refilled constantly because it holds such a small amount of e-liquid. I expected flavor to outweigh these cons, but it really doesn’t. The Intake RTA holds more e-liquid and looks great on almost every mod, so that’s something for buyers to consider. In my opinion, I definitely prefer the Intake RTA to the Gear RTA in every aspect

  42. wayne m.

    Has to be one of the best single coil rta’s made

  43. Derek B.

    Easy to build, nice looking

  44. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this tank! Easy to build and wick! Great flavor and looks awesome on top of my Aegis Solo!

  45. Rexis F.

    great flavor with a small footprint. awesome on small mods to get a stealthy look

  46. Tim

    Great deal 10.99 can’t wait to get my hands on it

  47. Zach S.

    The rta is all it was cracked up to be and it shipped fairly quick

  48. Anonymous

    RTA is easy to build, fairly forgiving on wicking and provides great flavor. I own one and my better half took it over so I had to get another one. Part of my daily rotation for sure and a no brainer purchase.

  49. Caleb E.

    Perfect for the novice builder. Great single coil tank!

  50. Anonymous

    This RTA is excellent.It’s a little heavy on the e-liquid..I think that’s partly due to my wicking.I wish the tank could be extended a little more.Easy to build and wick,An all around excellent product

  51. harold j.

    good single coil tank.

  52. Daniel G.

    Simple, easy to build on and perfect in every way. I love this RTA. Highly recommend

  53. Christian W.

    I purchased this because I had heard great reviews but honestly wasn’t worth it. Even with an alien in it the flavor was weak, but the build deck, clouds, and ease of use give it 3 stars. It can also be a pain to get to the build deck due to the airflow ring not being attached.

  54. Mac F.

    I got this for my back up mod (aegis mini) and i love it. The size is perfect, the deck is easy to build on, the flavor is great. This tank is amazing, and i couldn’t recommend it enough.

  55. Ken

    I was moved by the beauty and functionality of this product.Everyone can enjoy delicious juice easily.

  56. Jeffrey P.

    So easy to build on. Incredible flavor. Perfect machining. Easy 5 stars!

  57. Christopher

    This little rta is simply amazing. Easy to build, easy to wick and amazing flavor off it. Love it so much I bought 3 more.

  58. Alejandro G.

    Always take care of me. Never have to worry about a thing. Simple, quick and customer service is on point. Shout out the plug.

  59. Jose

    Pro’s;- Great flavor for a single coil RTA. It has better flavor than some of my dual coil rta’s.- I usually vape at 60-65 watts with dual coils, but with a single, higher resistance coil on this RTA, running 45-50 watts produces the same amount of flavor, if not better than some of my dual coil builds.- Easy to build on deck.- Efficient wicking.- Have used 2 weeks without leaks.- No issues with fruit or citrus juices cracking or damaging the polycarbonate bubble glass. Maybe too early to tell.- Spare Bubble glass available on VaporDNA. Con’s;- Flavor is dependant on coil build and wicking. Do not overpack cotton, keep loose for ease of wicking and barely touch base of deck with the cotton. Wet vape if wicked properly.- 3.5 ml bubble glass can still go through alot of juice depending on size of coil requires refilling often.- That being said, a design using a sliding top cap would have made this more user friendly.- Not a cloud chucker for some of you vapers out there, but if you are a flavoe chaser, I would recommend this little RTA.

  60. Richard .

    This little rta has it all! It’s compact and stylish. Same size as an average rda. And has almost as much flavor too! I was very impressed with the flavor. I haven’t used any of my rda’s since i got this thing a few weeks ago. Super easy to build and wick. Tip: Cut the wicks very short to avoid dry hits. Leave just enough cotton to tuck into the wick slots. You could also comb the wicks out real good if you want. This one is a little steep on the price, but it’s worth it if you could use a really compact flavor monster of an rta. I also find that when using the bubble glass, I dont have to refill quite as often as I expected. I love single coils because they conserve battery life. I use mine on internal battery mods such as the Drag mini. The black Gear is super matchy matchy with the black and red Drag. I’ll be getting a cpl more Gear rta’ s. The hype is justified 100%!

  61. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this RTA! If you love single coils and great flavor, this is the tank for you. Highly recommend!!

  62. Philip M.

    no hassels, decent shipping rates

  63. donald d.

    Love it. For what it is its great.

  64. Jonathan G.

    I do not understand what all the hype is about with this RTA. I bought into it after doing extensive research and the quality of vape doesn’t even come close to what reviewers and other people are saying, at least not for me personally. The Gear is an average single coil rta and in my opinion there are much better options out there. The intake or Kylin Mini over this all day every day.

  65. Zack b.

    The gear rta is great except you have to built ilittle higher from the air so you don’t get turbulence and also the juice capacity is small. But it has great flavor and is small. Fits perfectly on my voopoo mini and looks badass too

  66. Tim

    Great deal 10.99 can’t wait to try it

  67. Giorgi G.

    good single coil tank.Gear rta

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