Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank

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Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank

Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank is the new tank from Hellvape. It comes with 25 diameter. Two different coils can meet your different vaping needs: H7-02 0.2 ohm Sigle Mesh Coil (Pre-install) and H7-03 0.15 ohm regular coil (Best 80W). Adjustable bottom and top airflow will provide amazing flavor for you.
Color:Black, silver, rainbow, gun metal, matte black

Specification: Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank

Main features

Type :Sub Ohm Tank
Dimension:25 mm diameter
Refill Top filling
Airflow Adjustable bottom and top airflow
Coil Resistance
H7-02 0.2 ohm Sigle Mesh Coil (Pre-install)
H7-03 0.15 ohm regular coil (Best 80W)
Drip tip 810 drip tip, and with 510 adaptor
Threading 510 connection

Package Contents

1* Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank
1* Rplacement glass tube
1* Accesorry bag

13 reviews for Hellvape Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank


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  1. 27c84daa

    One of my favourite tanks of this year! Love it. Airflow is amazing and give plenty of vapour.

  2. 3fbde2b9

    A really surprising Stock coil tank with fantasic flavour and great capacity, the airflow is very flexible as well without a lot of the noise you get from many mesh coil tanks

  3. Yadgr

    This dual airflow system is really impressive, I’m gonna try one in Rainbow.

  4. Kkfhkh

    I like all the Rabbits by Hellvape, so sure to try this one sooner or later 🙂

  5. rfhkp

    Dead Rabbit, Fat Rabbit, Haha, funny name

  6. Htjkkf

    This tank has fantastic airflow and a huge range of adjustments to it with the top and bottom adjustments that will make it excellent for flavor production.

  7. Jeremy

    So Glad I Jumped on This
    Having top and bottom airflow is as I suspected it would be: so good. The combination allows you to tailor the airflow to the coil type you’re using and the wattage you’re vaping at. I’ve tried a myriad of different coils (all different kinds of Smok and Geekvape) and can verify that the adjustability of the airflow (at least for me) DOES yield a difference that you can actually feel and taste. Like, an extreme difference in flavor with some coils. Also, as most others will likely note, the airflow is buttery smooth in all configurations.

    Of the various coils I’ve used, I’ve actually found the mesh coil that came with the kit to be the best. I was surprised by this as it is a relatively low wattage coil, and I generally vape from 70-100 watts, but it really is a good all-around coil to me. With this coil I leave the top airflow wide open and the bottom open just a pinhole – the airflow is smooth, whisper quiet, and the flavor is just stupid impressive. The multi-core coil is good too, no complaints. The fact that the coils only thread into the lower portion of the tank is a nice change to top and bottom threading coil installs, eliminates the possibility of the coil remaining attached to the chimney, which necessitates removal of the glass.

    Filling, three things you need to be mindful of:
    1) If you rest the edge of your bottle tip on the edge of the tank and excess liquid makes it onto the top of the upper airflow control ring, it can get trapped in the airflow control ring and make for a few juicy adjustments afterwards.
    2) While filling, you either must alternate filling in each fill port or fill slowly and wait for the juice to flow over to the other side of the tank. The clearance between the coil and airflow passage, and the airflow passage and the glass, is too tight for the liquid to flow past as quickly as the liquid is squeezed into the tank. Not a huge issue though.
    3) Tightening / loosening the fill cap. Hold the upper airflow control ring against either one of its stops while you’re tightening / loosening the cap, this will keep the rest of the tank sections from wanting to spin / disassemble themselves in the process. This being said: if you don’t, and the top cap is tightened too much: it is very possible to unscrew the inner assembly of the tank away from the lower portion. An upgraded top section that utilizes a sliding or flip style fill method is something that I would pay extra for, separately.

    I knew going into it that the straight glass only allowed a 2ml capacity, so I was over it before I even received the tank. It doesn’t bother me to refill it a little more often than my previous tanks, and it looks WAY better than the bubble glass. I was anticipating SOME seepage of liquid due to the design, but fortunately, I have no leaks to report, mine stays dry.

    The first day of the promo I purchased the all (matte) black for myself, and the last day of the promo I purchased the stainless for my GF. Both finishes look great in person, though the stainless does have some significant bling to it. The drip tip is good, I just prefer something shorter – the drip tip I have installed is from the Drop Dead RDA and fits perfectly, as well as most of my other 810’s. The inclusion of a flush-fit 510 adapter is 100% the best possible adapter one could include, even IF they can be a pain to remove.

    The Fat Rabbit in all black fits my Geekvape Aegis Solo like it was meant for it, and I LOVE the combination. For a total of $18.98 for two + shipping, I couldn’t be happier

  8. Anthony P

    I love this tank. I
    I love this tank. I didn’t think I was going to as I prefer RBA’s. The flavor and cloud production are good. I like the weight of this atomizer and the smooth threading of the top fill cap. The coil is still going strong after 35-40 refills and I use extremely sweet DIY e-juice. I have not experienced any leaking or dry hits. The only negative I have found is that the top fill holes are just slightly smaller than I would like. I would definitely purchase this again.

  9. Jonathan T

    Great tank
    Nice cloud production, good flavor.

  10. Joel O

    Just As Described
    I Recommend For A Top Airflow

  11. James C.

    Love this tank
    This tank has fantastic airflow and a huge range of adjustments to it with the top and bottom adjustments that make it excellent for flavor production. I’m not crazy about the hellvape coils that come with it, but combining this tank with some geekvape coils has made it my go to for the best flavor I’ve had from a non RDA.

  12. Jeremy

    So Glad I Jumped on
    So Glad I Jumped on This

  13. Lars D.

    Fat Rabbit
    It’s chunky, yet still looks good on my Smoant Charon Mini. It’s heavy. Everything fits together like no other sub-ohm tank I’ve owned (quite a few). It doesn’t leak. It’s compatible with Big Baby coils. Great airflow (top and bottom ports), great flavor. The only thing I didn’t like was the drip tip, so I bought a stubby in matching color while I was at it. As Cory Booker would say, muy bueno!

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