Custard’s Last Stand Vape Juice

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Custard’s Last Stand Vape Juice

After countless requests, we finally did it! Not your typical run of the mill custard, this flavor was designed for the traveler, adventurer, and explorer of worldly tastes! Our creamiest flavor of all combines the best of three worlds, a butterscotch creme brûlée topped with a caramelized aged cognac glaze.About Kind Juice
Our vape juice Nectars are formulated using only 3 ingredients Max VG, Real Flavor Concentrates, and Wild Crafted Sustainable Non-GMO Botanical Extracts. Both flavorings we use are derived from only real fruit and or plant based materials (for specific product ingredient list click here) giving our vape juice a very authentic and pure taste. Our Nectar line is suitable for use across the board with practically all tanks and mods.

Our Exclusive Process
Due to the fact that our Nectar Line contains alcohol we developed an exclusive and rigorous 3 stage steeping process. This unique process involves at least 150 hours (That’s over 6 days!) that the Nectars must go through before being bottled and made available. This method not only blends the flavorings into a perfect marriage but allows the excess alcohol to evaporate off in the process. Although much of the alcohol used in the process is steeped off it still may not be suitable for individuals who are extremely sensitive to alcohol.
Recommended Usage

Our Nectar line was formulated to work well in many different hardware setups. Although they are best suited for average builds, wattages, and voltages we recommend coil builds from low ohm up to 4 ohm’s. Voltages from 3.6v – 4.6v and Wattages from 10w – 75w. Keep in mind this is only a guide and everyone is invited to experiment and find their own sweet spot.

Although our flavors are ready to vape upon opening, much like a fine wine and depending on the length of time the product has been bottled for, they may benefit from a short period of aeration. (Aeration- to vent or let breath) If when you receive your bottle you notice strong or sharp notes we recommend allowing your bottle to aerate at least 24 hours in a cool dark and secure place. This short period solves 99% of any flavor issues there may be upon opening of the bottle.

Specification: Custard’s Last Stand Vape Juice

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  1. I Can’t Wait

    I have been vaping for 7 years. I quit smoking and went straight to vaping when vaping was a new thing. I was so excited to be done with cigarettes forever!!
    I used an organic, pure VG juice for 2 years and the awesome company sadly went out of business:(. I tried other types and they were just okay; also I’m a clean eater and so careful about everything else I put into my body that I was concerned about what I was vaping when I could not find organic anymore…
    In December of this year I developed Bronchitis and could not recover, trying everything the docs recommended and holistic treatments too. I was sick for 6 months!!! During this time, I was only vaping when I really needed nicotine (I use 3 mg nicotine strength). Finally I was desperate and started on a rigorous protocol to remove staph from my body. I knew I needed to either quit vaping or find a clean brand.
    I AM SO EXCITED to receive my first order!!
    I’ve beat Bronchitis and my body is almost done detoxing. I have to be so careful from now on…
    Thank you, Kind Juice for your desire to bring
    a clean vape line to people who are sensitive, like me!!!
    Much Love,

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