Augvape Intake 24mm RTA

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Augvape Intake 24mm RTA

Specification: Augvape Intake 24mm RTA


Material:304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction


24mm Diameter
4.2ml Bubble Tank Capacity
2.5ml Standard Tank Capacity
High Capacity Tank Reservoir
Quarter Turn Top
Two Large Fill Ports
Two Post Single Terminal Build Deck
Single Coil Design
Single Terminal
Side Mounted Hex Screws
Top Mounted Philips Screws
3mm per Terminal
Corner Wicking Cutouts
PEEK Insulation
Dual Adjustable Top Airslots
10mm by 3mm Each Airslot
Fully Closeable
8mm Wide Bore Delrin 810 Drip Tip
Gold Plated 510 Contact
50.5mm by 24mm
Color: red, purple, bronze, black, rainbow, gold, green, blue, SS


One Augvape Intake 24mm RTA
One Glass Tube
One Screwdriver
One 510 Adapter
One Spare Parts Bag

43 reviews for Augvape Intake 24mm RTA


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  1. Rich F.

    Augvape Should change there name to Augreat! The iNTAKE RTA is probably one of the best single coil RTA’S I have ever experienced! Great job to them and Mike Vapes!

  2. Jorge M.

    Gets the job done, love the build deck and gives great flavor for me.

  3. Monte R.

    As im mainly a dripper/squonker i love this RTA for work and on the go having givvin up on tanks years ago. Would recommend it to anyone easy to build 🙂

  4. Victor M.

    Dense. Flavors.

  5. Waleed G.

    This is one of the best RTA’s i ever tryedNO LEAK + Great Flavor

  6. Dan B.

    AWESOME! A little restricted draw but that’s what I like. Highly recommend.

  7. Doug P.

    The Intake is a little single coil powerhouse! Well made, superior flavor, easy to wick. No leaks at all. Just a solid performer.

  8. J

    So glad I went ahead and got one of these. The flavor was better than I had anticipated and the deck is actually very unique and yes leak proof. Once you get the build down it’s a breeze. I’ve actually gone in and purchased every color. Mike knocked this one out of the park!!!

  9. Ethan

    It is way more restrictive and has a smaller build deck than the Zeus single coil but good quality. Flavor is not even close to the Zeus.

  10. Greg

    My favorite tank right now. It’s easy to build on, has great flavor and doesn’t leak.

  11. K.M.

    Vaping 7 years, SAME RTA for last almost 4 years (Kanger Subtank Mini V1). Ok, time to change! Finally found a single coil RTA that I think I’ll like. And I LOVE it! CLEAN out of box, great extra parts, beautifully machined. Easily coiled, wicked, juiced and vape! Very smooth airflow, can be set exactly how I like, no 3 click choice. And the dark red is gorgeous! Short of it falling apart out of the blue I can find no faults, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  12. Allen K.

    Just recently got in to single coil rtas. Easy to build and amazing flavor. Airflow is a bit more restrictive than I’d like it to be but it’s not a deal breaker. All in all, this is a solid RTA. Definitely recommend this one.

  13. Ronnie C.

    This tank is awesome. Top air flow zero leaks easy to build best flavor smooth draw with no whistle noise

  14. Galaxy 5.

    Very Nice RTA

  15. Terry B.

    Great rta, no leaks and great flavor. I like it so much, i bought another for my girlfriend.

  16. Ronald D.

    Great flavor but tight airflow.

  17. Jason S.

    I now have 6 of these tanks. I use a simple 26AWG coil at 11 watts and get a good strong hit.

  18. Geo T.

    Build Quality AEase of Building A (keep the wicks short)Ease of Filling AAir Flow C (very restrictive)Flavor BOverall BI had high hopes, but was disappointed. I would not buy again.

  19. Adrian M.

    Flavor ******. Best RTA of 2018 hands down.

  20. Barry C.

    works well. the slightly restricted airflow does not take long to get used to. the build deck is not my favorite style but it works well for a single coil design.

  21. Tyler M.

    Very easy to build, and wick this RTA. Flavor is nice, and although it’s a little bit of a restricted lung hit; it’s really not enough to matter, in my opinion.

  22. Jeffrey G.

    Still dont have my tank yet so it’s kind of hard to write a review about it. It’s been 9 business days and 11 mailing days since I placed my order. You guys need to get your **** together.

  23. Jose R.

    Ok start with the top seal Expand now it doesn’t closeCustomer service is a joke so don’t expect anything from them so you will not be disappointed

  24. Kevin G.

    It is easy to take apart. Looks nice. Top airflow is nice. However, the air flow is not where it should be. That is the one real drawback, not enough air.

  25. Paul M.

    Easy to build and wick. Very forgiving. Excellent flavor with slightly restricted air flow. Love it. Looks killer in Gun Metal.

  26. Jason B.

    This mod would get five stars if the air flow wasn’t so restricted all the reviews I watched didn’t mention this or I wouldn’t have bought it. You would think that Mike Vapes would have noticed this since he corroborated with Augvape on this project. I recommend if you don’t mind this subjective issue. Plus the drip tip broke the first week. Which is one reason I bought it, that sucks. Mentioned it to augvape customer service, no response.

  27. Charles B.

    I have been hunting a tank like this since Oct 2011 when I started vaping. Absolutely no leaks, no dry hits , easy to build, great taste. The only down is a rare &I mean rare gurgle. Very easily cleared by just turning it upside down, a little juice drip into a napkin & good to go. It has only happened a couple of time in nearly a month. I LOVE THIS TANK.

  28. Keith a.

    Sweet tank when working right, but you really need to know what your doing with the wicking part, check out youtube

  29. Thomas G.

    Absolutely perfect! Followed Mike Vapes advice on wicking and it’s just a beast! Love the fact that it doesn’t leak either. Thanks for a great product and great customer service!

  30. Jonathon P.

    Prior to this, I’ve been using an Augvape Merlin Mini, which is also great for flavor, but has a tendency to be finicky with wicking, and is almost always susceptible to leaking.Since I started using the Intake, I’ve had zero mess, zero leaking, and wicking is straightforward simple.I really like it. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a quality RTA with good flavor and little chance of mess.

  31. Andrew H.

    I like the look, the design, the color, the deck, my only gripe is that it is a tight draw for me even with the air flow all the way open. I do like it though over all.

  32. joeanna

    My favorite tank, Quick and easy to build, no leaking, nice workmanship and construction.

  33. Stephen D.

    I have four, what else do I need to say? Nice vapor production, I like a somewhat restrictive draw and this fills the bill. Easy to build. if you need help, watch online tutorials.

  34. Anonymous

    Using it for a couple weeks. After dialing in the wicking (suggest watching some YouTube vids) I’ve had consistently great performance. Zero leaking – not a drop. Fairly easy build deck and posts. Comes with all the standard extras – o rings, extra gasket, screws. Normally I hate the way bubble tanks look, but this one doesn’t bother me at all, which is good, because this tank is a juice hog, so the extra capacity is handy. However, filling it is very easy. Overall, this is now my favorite tank, and I’ve been vaping since the days when Kayfun was all the rage.

  35. Thomas H.

    This quickly became my favorite single coil RTA. The allow system is genius, and smooth as can be. Great flavor! Super easy to build on. And, well, this RTA is just designed sexy AF. Will buy more.

  36. Matt S.

    Top flow air works good.

  37. Eric M.

    This is a great tank.

  38. Margaret B.

    I’ve gone through many, many tanks in the 7 years I’ve been vaping and this is the first tank I’ve had literally no issues with. It is easy to install a coil, the tank doesn’t leak, it has great flavor and it is an easy top fill tank. I’ve been trying to spread the word about this to anyone I know who vapes. You just can’t beat it. I highly recommend this tank.

  39. James T.

    Not good price was 50 dollars and shipping took too long also the glass that it came with it was broken also the package was open not sealed probably last thing the screw was striped out and the air flow on the build deck is bent

  40. Ainley S.

    Great device and adjustable juice flow is amazing. Thx

  41. Micah F.

    Pros, doesn’t leak, easy to build on.Cons, restrictive airflow, dry hits.Not horrible but didn’t live up to the hype. Been vaping for over 7 years. I’ve tied dozens of RTA tanks but the restrictive air flow and dry hits just ****. I know how to wick, proper coil building, and everything else about using a RTA. Not sure if it’s a vacuum issue or what but after 8 times trying to get a decent vape out of this tank I gave up.

  42. Shane

    Rainbow color looks nice on my mod. Nice tank

  43. Jeff V.

    Its a good cape but I’m a mesh guy

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