10 Best Fuggin Vapor Coupons, Promo Codes-Fuggin Vapor Review

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10 Best Fuggin Vapor Coupons, Promo Codes-Fuggin Vapor Review

10% OFF:FUGG10

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10% OFF on Selected Items

30% OFF:FFJ30

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  1. Best fuggin vape juice on earth. The Purple Taffy and OJ Creamson were two more amazing ADV’s. Can’t order fast enough

  2. Just loaded up with the Mr. Bombtastic, and so far its an incredible representation. Looking forward to the other 4 flavors when the time comes.

  3. I absolutely love fuggin juice for real all I vape! I Fuggin love fuggin juice! By far my favorite juice is the raspy-lemonade!

  4. First time placing an order it has been over two weeks to get my shipment that I still don’t have and on their end I keep having problems with them being out of a product saying they are shipping and never gets sent. So frustrating!!!! Getting a free juice to cover this mess is not enough.

  5. I seen this great deal for juice and decided to give it a try. Now my order did take 6 days to get to me and when my friend ordered 3 days after me he had gotten his juice in 2 days. So I was little frustrated about that. But I had also placed another order and it came in about 2 days. So I assumed it was just a delay in shipping and I know they can’t control the postal service. Of all 12 juices I ordered my absolute favorite one is the BJ. Hands down the best. The melon taffy tail is not far behind BJ at all. Everyone I have tried is amazing. My husband loves all his flavors also. So other than my first shipment taking a lil longer than expected this company has def exceeded expectations of quality of juice. And as long as the price is right I will remain a loyal customer for sure. Lesson learned to order just tho a week in advance of me running out in case of delay again.

  6. The mail is slow (3 business days processing, then 3-5 business days shipping dependin on where it’s shippin to), but the flavors are on point and the deal is unbeatable.

  7. Amazing everything! Great deals, great flavors and amazing customer service! Lifetime customer. Thank you all for what you do best!

  8. So far so good sometime shipments come slow but that’s to be expected sometimes I get them really fast but I always get a quality product thank you very much and you save me a lot of cash with your deals I will continue to use fuggin juice.

  9. Delivery is fast…fuggin juices are all i vape now..they are amazing and you can’t beat the price

  10. Amazing company and love ordering juice. Great flavors and amazing price. Keep it up!!

  11. Ordered 5 flavors to try and BJ was the fuggin best. Shake Dat Ass tasted like moldy strawberries until I let it steep for 2 weeks and I am now extremely impressed. Jaws is a little too sour, rainbow and trix are ok. Only complaint I really have is how quickly I burn through coils with these juices. I will be trying more fugging flavors soon!

  12. I love Fuggin they have all my Fuggin Ejuice, they UN Fuggin believable they 250 Ejuice or more, they do have my baby beast glass, I was going 2 buy 3 them today they where out of stock,I have no Fuggin glass I want 2 buy from Fuggin vapors,I guess Im going 2 wait ink how many days.

  13. I had bought a few items from you guys but it seems that someone just canceled my order and my credit card payment, 14 days after. The order was made on march, 17 and was canceled today. Wtf is this ?????? No more respect with clients???

  14. My first experience with Fuggin Vapor co . is a good one . I had ordered E-liquid on friday afternoon and it was at my doorstep by 12pm Monday which was excellent . On to the Juice!!! well the only two i have tried at this moment are the Fuggin Donuts and im pretty impressed especially right out of the bottle with zero steeping and im sure in time the flavors will be even better. Looking forward to buying more e-liquid and trying more flavors !!

  15. Awesome company…. Vape juice tastes great and the price is unbelievable. …… Shipping could be better but the price and the taste is well worth the wait.

  16. just over a week delivered to AUS – impossible to beat! and first flavour to try has been delicious.

  17. Reply
    Amanda Valtierra-Kellen October 10, 2019 at 1:51 am

    I will admit even tho I got a half bottle they made it right and sent me a new bottle which came super fast I’m very happy with the juices I buy from Fuggin vapor thanks

  18. I was browsing the net and found this awesome deal and decided to give it a try…ordered on Friday and got them on Monday! This juice is awesome! You definitely have my business 100%

  19. Love this company great juice for an amazing price. Only company i have ordered from since i have found them.

  20. If youre looking for the best online juice deal, trust me flavor for buck, Ive order from many sites, I no longer go to the vape store. FUGGIN BEST BANG FOR BUCK.

  21. Amazing juices, great company and amazing customer service!!

  22. Ive been vaping fuggin co for months now and i just have to say that this juice has a permanent spot in my rotation. On top of the amazing quality of this product, the people behind the scenes working this company are awesome people. They are so helpful and will help in anyway they can and will do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied.

  23. Since I’ve discovered fuggin ive more or less stop ordering from anywhere else. Fantastic site with amazing deals.

  24. Got to say good juice and great customer service. Ordered from a friends code and was shorted a bottle sent them an email and problem was taken care of in no time. That is how you run a good business is takin care of customers.

  25. Super nice and courteous great customer service these guys work hard to earn their customers one at a time!

  26. I bought 5 120ml the customer service was awesome and it was easy great discounts I love the web site wish they had an app but give them time. All the juice were awesome but the orange cream needs to be more orange tasting.

  27. I received my order in a short amount of time and the quality of my ejuice is excellant

  28. Reply
    Jason Robert L. Martin October 10, 2019 at 1:45 am

    I have never been so pleased by not only the product but the customer service, price and speed of delivery! Highly recommended!! Well done.

  29. At first glance, the low cost of this juice with their deals and various bundles may make you question the quality of their products; I know it did for me initially. I have referred several co-workers, friends, and my significant other to this company specifically because while it is inexpensive, you still get a good product and lots of it for a low price. When you’re using tanks with anywhere from 8 to 18 coils per head, having a large amount of juice that doesn’t taste like something you pulled out from under the kitchen sink is extremely important. I have ordered several times from this company, and while there have been a couple of mixups, the customer service (special shout-out to Kim in particular) has been so impeccable that whatever problems I’ve had have been remedied almost immediately and most definitely to my satisfaction.
    I’ve read reviews on Fuggin saying that some of the juice tasted too chemical, too thin, etcetera etcetera, but here’s the thing: if you call them, if you email them, if you just get in touch with them these are people who stand by the quality of their product and will bend over backwards to assist you. So before you write a bitchy review, take five minutes to get in touch with them and see how they can help you. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

  30. Great Juice !! Awesome Customer service!! This juice Fuggin chucks! Cloud chasers can appreciate this high qaulity premium juice and so can flavor vapers! WARNING: DO NOT GET STRAWKIWI SWIRL, other then that all flavors ive had are Fuggin amazing!! But really.. Strawkiwi swirl sounds amazing but tastes like a chocolate shit cake

  31. Give them zero stars. They are very quick to wash their hands of any order that goes thru their website improperly .This experience was terrible and unsatisfying . website users be warned.Hopefully you have better luck at the physical location or another retailer , but my advice steer clear

  32. My friend told me about this company. I ordered one juice and absolutely loved it. So I ordered more at a great price. The delivery was fast and the juice is high quality. Thanks.

  33. Flavors are awesome ! Love these guys ! Won’t buy from anyone else. Deals are the best !

  34. Awesome customer service. Super fast shipping. Great juice!

  35. Shipping was very expensive and my bottles of juice didn’t even come with a dripper top. How disappointing to not be able to try your juice unless you have an extra dripper laying around.

  36. Reply
    Romulo Augusto Castro October 9, 2019 at 2:41 am

    I am having massive probles with fuggin in shipping my different orders at the same box. They delay the shipping of a order in 5 days to ship with others items that i bought . This is the second time you guys do that. Since in my country they tax all orders over $100 i will refuse the package to not pay abusive taxs. Remembering that i pay for two shipments and you guys send all toghether

  37. Not the same as when they first started, e-juice is inconsistent and shipping increased. Not cheap when the e-juice don’t taste good. Nicotine is no longer smooth.

  38. You won’t find a better deal on premium juice anywhere. Great Customer Service and I Fuggin love their product. I Am a returning customer and I will not be buying anywhere but Fuggin going forward. I encourage everyone to place your first order. You won’t be disappointed.

  39. I picked up the blue waffle the other day at a local shop I was surprised by the price and after a tast I couldn’t resist purchasing a bottle I like it and will definitely try more of the fuggin line 🙂 thanks guys for a tasty juice at a great price

  40. Reply
    Lee Patchwork Standridge October 9, 2019 at 2:39 am

    I received my first order on Monday. I have to say everything I ordered has been fantastic! I will definitely be ordering more

  41. Update!
    Juice came in the mail today. Dropper was still a little torn, but at least all the juice was in the bottle this time. Ill just throw it into some unicorn bottles.
    Thanks for fixing my order, guys.

  42. Spend some time trying to find some juices that were actually good for me not to mention juices that are expensive and you don’t get very much I just went to the freaking Moon and back trying to find Juice and then I found fugging Vapors amazing juice amazing flavor and there’s a lot of it fuggin awesome

  43. I usually make my own juice because it’s cheap, but I was being lazy and saw their 600mL for $60 and decided to order. I haven’t tasted everything yet, but what I have tasted is excellent. My order was fast to ship and they are very responsive to messages. I’ll be ordering again. Good Fuggin job

  44. Got the blueberry yogurt today and OMG it is God awful! Tastes nothing like yogurt more like blueberry dirt I don’t normally leave negative comments about juice if I have a bad experience but this is absolutely disgusting.unvapable!! Guess I’ll chalk that up as a loss.

  45. Delicious juice, nice big bottles, extremely affordable, fast shipping, and always a deal happening. If you haven’t tried Fuggin you’re missing out. My favorites are BJ, In da Loop, Blue waffle, CheeBerry, and BluGurt. Get yourself some!

  46. Got the 5 bottles deal and your right on with your name cause they was all fuggin disgusting… Definitely a waste of 60 dollars

  47. Man.!!!..I just placed my second 600 ml order for June!. I have one online company I order from, and this just took it’s place!. Super tasty..the profiles are spot on… you will be super satisfied!!. Any flavor can be my all day vape!!.. I have yet to find one I didn’t love!.

  48. Hands down the best online experience I’ve had with vape products.
    Great deals, quick turn around and delivery and phenomenal customer service.
    Although I was missing a bottle in my first order, they quickly replied and fixed the issue… no questions asked! I recommend this site to anyone looking for good flavors, good deals, and awesome support!

  49. Definitely will order from FUGGIN’ again! Thank you for your quick replies!

  50. I’ve ordered from here twice and in my personal opinion you won’t find a better bang for the buck. I like to let the juice sit for a little over a week to steep and its just as good as the expensive stuff!

  51. Absolutely amazing juice. Good quality decent shipping times. The biggest thing is if you were somebody who doesn’t enjoy overly intense flavors that absolutely murder your tongue. This will be the juice company for you I promise that. So far everything is subtle yet complex excellent bodies to the flavors I’ve tried so far being the blue waffle Green Goblin and Cinna Winna. Then throw in the price and boom you just got yourself a lifelong customer. Don’t make a mistake and waste any money anywhere else quality juice for crap juice price.

  52. Great customer service and the flavor profiles sound amazing! Have had the pleasure of tasting a few and smelling all of them lol. The Jaws juice is my new ADV! Thanks again!

  53. We habve been dealing with Fuggin for a while now………..and to be honest……I’m I’m a picky fugger (see what i did there lol). I jhave never gotten a bad bottle of juice from them, nor have there been any serious issues (by serious i mean anything that wawsnt fixable) HUGE thanks to the CSR team (again calling out Kim and the other sweetheart whos name i fail to remember) For getting my last order straight after USPS-paloozaia 2017 decided to continue to be lazy. All jkoking aside, ghreat juice grat company and hella great people to deal with. could only give 5 stars but i say TEN OUTTA TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Amazing company with amazing prices have tried about 8 flavors and will order another set to try the rest

  55. Really great company, I recently had a very pleasant experience with their customer service, I will definitely be ordering from them in the near future.

  56. Wasn’t sure what to expect when ordering for the first time but cannot recommend fuggin enough. Vape was great and the range of juice was awesome and the strawberry kiwi house brand was spot on and as advertised. Postage was reasonably priced and super fast to Oz! Will most defs be recommending fuggin to friends and will also be a returning cust!

  57. Vaping people, its not just about the eliquid with these guy’s It’s the superb customer service and their focus on us, the customers. They have bent over backwards for me on numerous occasions for products damaged in the mail, and me just being a dumb ass and forgetting to put my codes in correct to get my discounts. They quickly respond and do everything possible to ensure your experience with them is top notch! And that’s just Fuggin’ unbelievable!! Thanks guys for being there and providing this service.

  58. Reply
    Johnathan Willamson October 9, 2019 at 2:32 am

    I love you guys so much! 120ml for the price of most 30mls, with no sacrifice in quality. Legit amazing. <3 Literally the only reason i can afford to keep vaping rn.

  59. Let’s Get It On is my favorite! Cinna-Winna, Money Maker, and Chee-Berry are great. The prices are amazing. Shipping is super fast. Amazing company!

  60. I went there when I was out of town back in June. I have bought my juicer from them since. You can’t beat the big fuggin deal and the juice is delicious. So happy I stumbled across this company.

  61. Reply
    Justin Cortimi Curtright October 9, 2019 at 2:31 am

    Ordered six bottles on a Saturday, got all six on Wednesday. One wasn’t full “all” the way, but I get it, stuff happens. All bottles smelled great (just needing to steep for a couple days). The cherry cheesecake is just ridiculous out of the bottle. People want everything these days. They want 180ml bottles for 10 bucks that are bottled on the spot, but don;t require a steep, and taste like unicorn farts and cupcakes. I will settle for good all day vapes at a great price. Thanks Fuggin!

  62. Their prices are extremely fair and their ejuice selection is amazing

  63. Awesome service, great juice and hella fast delivery! Will definitely be ordering more!

  64. I received my order and one of the bottles was wrong they were awesome and sent the correct one out same day and let me keep the wrong flavor

  65. Local vape shop just got some in, I’m in aw of the price and quality of this juice.

  66. Best juice out there! I’m obsessed with Shake Dat Ass but OJ Creamson is good too! If you like pastry flavors, the Donuts is good, too. (I don’t like pastry flavors, but I still vape it occasionally when someone else had it.)

  67. The best strawberry cheesecake I’ve ever vaped!! Luv the prices as well!!! Thanks fuggin vapors!!

  68. I placed an order and it got a little messed up. Called in to find out why it said it was shipped but my order was not shipped. Got kim (I think that was her name) and she fixed everything threw in some extras and gave me free expedited shipping GREAT company that takes care of customers and values them

  69. I love fuggin juice. My buddy ordered me 3 and they taste great and came fast.

  70. Love their juices, love their deals, and the shipping time is INSANELY fast, even Sunday delivery!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.

  71. Best juice ive found yet, always running a quality deal also.

  72. Reply
    Rachelle Anne Boyer Freeman October 9, 2019 at 2:27 am

    Was a great company. However the lack of customer service sucks.

  73. Great juice and fast delivery great customer service.

  74. Best juice hands down !! Made my 3rd order one bottle was wrong emaild the company fixed it no problem !!!!

  75. Huge selection of ejuice!!

  76. Great juice and prompt shipping. Ordered twice now and my only complaint was quickly resolved. Will order again for sure!

  77. Strawberry lemonade and peach ice tea hell yes

  78. Nice company

  79. Reply
    Jacques W. Clayton-Durham October 9, 2019 at 2:24 am

    Just received my 120 ml bottle of Fuggin Chee-berry e-juice, taste awesome, great deal for $10.00 will be ordering again!

  80. Reply
    Travis N Amber Milgrim October 9, 2019 at 2:24 am

    the only vape juice I will use!

  81. Best vape juice I have ever had and such a great cost. Super fast shipping, I got it within like 2 days I think. WAY better than our local shops like Jvapes and WAY more affordable. Won’t buy any other place from now on. Also love the menthol concentrate and he little squeezer bottles. I love menthol and my husband doesn’t like it, so the concentrate is perfect because we can both choose the flavors we like in the 120 ml that both of us can use and I can still have menthol!

  82. Damm 2 days since order received here in seaside heights NJ Snooki and JWOWW be waiting to taste the juices.

  83. I love these guys been a regular customer for a year plus and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Give them a try you won’t be sorry I promise.

  84. Add flavor to your juice
    Most of your ejuice are tasteless

  85. Best flavors and great prices! The BIGFUGGINDEAL is amazing, and a good way to try new flavors while also restocking your go-tos. Customer support is friendly and very helpful. I can’t think of a single negative thing to say.

  86. I you have to look and you shall see the amazing deals

  87. Reply
    Bill-Tyler Bob Gallien October 9, 2019 at 2:20 am

    Great place and awesome prices what more could you ask for??

  88. Fuggin has the best deals

  89. 2 consecutive bad orders with this company. My first order was kinda scary to look at. You could see lines running through the liquids, separated ingredients, awful smell. Things you’d never see in a local vape shop. I was so shocked I had to take it to a good friend that happened to own a vape shop to find out if they had ever seen anything like this. They did do the right thing and replace the order. I tried one flavor that was OK, but upon inspection of the next new bottle due to previous quality concerns, I noticed a faint black dot that appears to be some kind of film, liquid, or mold. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve personally never seen black shit floating in my liquid before and I’m not even gonna try the rest of this. I’m going to have the bottle with the black stuff examined to find out exactly what is in this.

  90. hell of a company .would def recommend this place

  91. I have only placed one order so far with Fuggin Vapor Co. and had no issues with them or with recieving my order. Look forward to placing more orders with them and excited about trying new flavors. Really interested in the halloween line of juices. Keep being fuggin awesome.!!!

  92. Came a day early! Great company!! Keep it up!

  93. I ordered the day before Irma hit Florida, and still received my order in a timely manner. Great group of people working at fuggin. Thanks

  94. Got my juice quickly when I ordered it. And when I was wondering bout shipping information they helped me out quickly on fb messenger. I love the deals!!

  95. I was recently in traduce to this fuggin Vapes juice a mo the it so ago 3 bottles later I’m hooked great all day vape.ive use same build all the way to the last drop in a 120ml bottle and the cotton stayed the same damp look all the way to the end. Highly recommended. Would love to be a tester/review person for all there products. They are honestly all I use in juice can’t wait till I can afford to try them all? Thumbs up fuggin

  96. Flavors are great thanks guys.

  97. Y have I never left a review?
    Ugh! Sorry, Guys!
    I LOVE this place!
    I love the products, the customer service, the fast shipping, the giNORMOUS variety, etc…
    If U R a 1st.timer here & haven’t purchased an e-juice yet…what the fug R U waiting 4? They have EVERYTHING!
    And U WILL B back!!!

  98. hey everybody come check out our newest fuggin juice at 4everecig in any 7 of our locations its the best fuggin juice ive had in a minuite

  99. I’ve been vaping since April and have tried a bunch of juices. Some good some bad and some just nasty. Bought a bottle of your Chee-berry from local shop and now I’m a customer for good…..the next day I made my first order and will continue to buy your great jucies

  100. They got good juice at good prices and I normally get my order in 3to 5 days ,for me green goblin in the oh my gush line is unbeatable red dragon and Blooze is excelant, to 2 more all month vapes gi Jane and cheeberry iv orderd 11 times from fuggin and I got no complaints.

  101. I love Fuggin. Great juice and customer service is excellent. I have tried several flavors and so far I like them all. I cannot recommend them highly enough. This is a site that is easy to navigate even for a non tech savvy like me😊 and I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. thank you

  102. They messed up for my first order..just 1 bottle tho was supposed to be different flavor. I still ended vaping it even tho not fan of the flavor and have to say their juice is a lot better then a lot people make it out to be.

  103. I already recommended Fuggin to my friends and family because I love their juice line, but the customer service is so beyond awesome. I had an order that was missing a couple of items after I sent them a message they let me know what they needed and boom they got right on shipping out the missing items and making it right. I can’t believe how well they take care of even the small things.

  104. the vape juice i got came in early and all of them are delicious! I’m definitely ordering more!

  105. Third order from them and so far everything is on point. The juice, the customer service, and the shipping time. 5 out of 5 stars.

  106. These people are awesome! I recently made an order, I was using a discount code to save 50% on a bundle, but since I can never make up my fuggin’ mind, the code expired while I was thinking about it. So at 3.m., On a Sunday, I sent a distressed massage via messenger whining about not getting to use the code (my fault). Not only was I promptly answered, but I was given a replacement code enabling me to make my purchase. Thanks Fuggin’! I can’t wait for my order to arrive!
    -Alina Vise

  107. I was at a friend’s house and saw countless bottles of Fuggin Vapor eliquid and I decided to give it a try. I went with Lets get it on. I recieved it earlier this week and have completely forgotten about all my other eliquids. I can’t put it down. 10/10 flavour, cloud production, cost per size. Will recommend strongly to others. Thanks guys!!

  108. Man this is what you call a Fuggin Addiction juice is great really enjoy these 🙏💪🏼☝🏼

  109. There are some flavors I don’t like, but overall the best value for dollar on juice I’ve ever found in the roughly 2 years I’ve been vapeing! Everytime I go out on a limb and try a new bulk order company I’m seriously disappointed, and I always angrily email them and inform them I will be ordering from Fuggin next time! Thank you guys!!! By the way I’m probably one of the picky people when it comes to juice and it’s hard to find juices that aren’t harsh for me. STAY AWAY FROM BROKE DICK EJUICE AT ALL COSTS!!!

  110. Strawberry Short B…. kicks butt! i love the flavour and can honestly say i love ALL the pastry flavours ive tried so far. fuggin donuts, popped cherry, red waffle, etc. Cant imagine my life without my fuggin liquids 😍

  111. So I decided to try Fuggin juice. My order took a week to get to Ohio from Florida seems long but no biggie. Then I opened my package and saw the packing slip and it had the correct order on it. My juice a 120ml of shake dat ass was supposed to be 50/50 at 18mg. Icalled to tell them and was told to send pics and Idid. What I got was shake dat ass 0mg and 80vg.They said we only do 70/30 Then why does the sticker say 80% They said they would send the correct bottle. No discount or free juice offered so I will wait 2 weeks for youre fuggin mistake. Not good Also did not receive dripper top, seriously?

  112. Over 10 days for delivery is uncalled for…. ordered the talking hampster on December 18th for my granddaughters FIRST CHRISTMAS …..STILL don’t have my item…..it SAT in Florida for 5 days before even being shipped…
    Called them today….they have no answer AND didn’t even offer any part of a refund….. DON’T SHOP HERE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I have never had a bad experience with these guys. I always recommend them! The only time I’ve had an ordered delayed was during the hurricane, and even then it wasn’t by long at all.

  114. As another vendor in this industry, seeing the marketing tactics here upsets me. Putting stickers over labels as well it’s not good business practice.

  115. Absolutely great! Just recieved my 1st 3 flavors… Tarty pants, oh my gush, and In the loop. All 3 taste great and huge clouds. You guys just earned a loyal customer. Also had to reach out for customer service and was totally satisfied. A+

  116. I ordered all my juice from fuggin and it’s amazing. Can’t beat the flavors, prices or the shipping

  117. LOVE THERE JUICES! I’m spoiled with amazing so I wish they had free shipping but it’s so worth it the deals are great and love the juices

  118. The prices are great and the juices are primo..the best of the best.

  119. Fast shipping and great flavors! I will order again.

  120. quality juice on da low low. and the orders come correct. no brainier ordering from fuggin. if u ain’t vaping fuggin, your an esshole!

  121. it’s just an amazing juice.

  122. There juice is awesome! I love that big fuggin deal!

  123. Best customer service EVER!! Thank you Kim in CS, you made my day! It was so nice to get to speak to an actual person…and an awesome one at that!! I definitely recommend this company! 😃

  124. Exelente atencion y productos aludos desde uruguay

  125. great juices and great prices

  126. Fuggi n is Awesome!! Great juice, good price, and fast shipping!

  127. Was sold dark yellow juice! Tainted and had gone bad. I want customer service to inbox me please asap. Unacceptable! When u buy on good sites this brand n flavor is clear. Buy from fuggin and its dark urine color. People wake up! If its dark yellow its gone bad and u wonder why u dont like lots of juices is because they sold u rotten stuff.

  128. Love this company! ordered many things many times! they have my business!! havent had a problem at all! love their buy now pay later deal lol!! keep rockin💯🚭 oh and follow them on instagram folks! @fugginvapor✌🏼

  129. Never had a bad experience yet I love them! I’ve made a few purchases and won a contest as well

  130. The juice is so good and many different flavors to choose from. Hands down there customer service is top notch. Danny is so funny on the facebook live videos. They have sales almost every month with a great deal page day in and day out. Give them a try. You won’t fuggin regret it at all…

  131. Amazing customer service! Were very helpful in answering my questions. Couldn’t ask for a better online team

  132. At First I was skeptical with their free juice deal. I Ordered and Recieved a package, however It had the wrong Juice. I contacted Customer Service, and within a week had the right juice and got to keep the juice they wrongly sent. Awesome Customer service. Will buy again

  133. So far i paid 80$ for overnight shipping. Asked them a question and no response but read my message. Order suppose to be here the 16th so well see.

  134. fast shipping, great customer service, great products and the website is very user friendly. I’m glad I was able to experience good customer service and great products from you guys can’t wait to order more!

  135. Nothing negative to say I bought 3 bottles of juice and there Fuggin amazing thanks Fuggin fam.

  136. customer service is superb. they go above and beyond to satisfy customers. shipping is fast prices are ridiculously cheap.

  137. I will never buy anywhere else every again …..this place is hands down the best …A++++++

  138. Giant selection, always have amazing deals, and all of the fuggin juice line is top notch!

  139. Great service bomb juice awesome prices what more could you ask for in your juice company?

  140. Fuggin Vapor, they are true professionals. so many choices, so many options.

    I ordered for the first time and my order came right on time, their was an issue with it. but like a great company they rectified it immediately.

    Not only did they fix it and help me out but they responded super quick.

    Thank you for the best ejuice ive ever had. yall are incredible. and have my service and more. i love being apart of the fuggin vapor train.

    5 out of 5 company!!!
    5 out of 5 for FUGGIN VAPOR LIFE!!!!

  141. You guys are awesome love your juice and love Danny he is so funny great to listen too

  142. Never met a vape I didn’t like through this company! I can’t believe juice this good costs so little!

  143. One of the best companies to buy from reasonable shipping times and prices overall. i have gotten juices from here back on the black Friday deal and haven’t steered away yet. I just bought the Summer Suckers 6 juice line I tried 4 of the flavors you can find my review of them in the community tab. I strongly recommend this company to those who want great flavor/vapor at a price that’s affordable. The website is very easy to scroll through customer service is amazing I haven’t had an issue with them yet. They do an age check which doesn’t take long at all, mine had gone through in about 2 hours.

  144. Love the juice! Can’t wait to get paid to get more! Birthday Bitch is on my to tries! Wish y’all had two bottle deals also!

  145. i really like this company the products and selections are great i wana say ive been ordering from them for about 2 years now. the past 2 times the shipping was horrible.. i spend 9$ on shipping it takes 4 days to process my order then another 4-5 days to get to me. idk if its just me but paying almost 10$ for shipping id expect it to get to me a little quicker. This makes me hesitant to buy from them any further.

  146. These guys are the BEST! Customer support was awesome! Very professional and I got my order fast with awesome tracking! Awesome juice too! Happy camper here and a repeat customer! 5 Stars Baby! Fug yeah! �

  147. yes I would definitely recommend fuggin Vapor they have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced and the best eLiquid for the price

  148. Love this company as they never fail me! Also the best fuggin deals around!

  149. Horrible customer service! Purchased 2 bottles from a “dealer”. Both were horrible and one was mislabeled on the nicotine level. Contacted customer service was told they were send out replacement bottles. I never received them!

  150. Really good deals, fast delivery, and amazing tasting juice 👌

  151. I love the juice. Customer Service is awesome. They respond very quickly to my emails. I have vaped for years and this company is my favorite

  152. Their customer service is great. They have been awesome with helping me with an issue I had with an order and they fixed it so quickly. Their deals on their own products and others are hard to beat. I’ll definitely keep shopping with Fuggin!

  153. Got my juice today… Great flavor and deal. Definitely will purchase from them again real soon !!!!!

  154. Juice is good, has a decent flavor and isn’t a coil killer which is very nice. They have great deals on a lot of juice, so you can get a lot.

    Now shipping on the other hand it’s a literal nightmare. I ordered mine on Jan 16th, and got it yesterday Jan 29th. I know this isn’t their fault but when customers pay almost 10 dollars for shipping, you’re going to want it quickly.
    I recommend using a different company to ship products out quicker. It may cost more to you and the customer, but it will be well received by your base.
    Overall, I like the juice and customer service worked well with me through the shipping fiasco.

  155. awesome people good flavors

  156. Hands down my favorite! Only company I know I can pick flavors I’ve never had and know they’ll be good.

  157. I live in Romania but wanted to order products I couldn’t find in Europe. Fuggin Vapor came through where other companies failed. I tried ordering from other companies and they refused to deliver to me even after I had confirmed my delivery location and identification documentation. Couldn’t be happier with the customer service I received! I will definitely be ordering from them again.

  158. Discovered these guys because a local vape shop in Raleigh, NC was selling their juice at an inflated price. Looked online and found out I could order from them for half the price. Lets just say, I will be ordering direct from them from now on. Great quality products, great tasting juice, and fast shipping. My latest order I placed on Friday, had it by Monday… Thanks Fuggin Vapor Co.!!!

  159. Amazing juices and products and the best prices oug of anyone also AMAZING customer service! !!!!!!!! Keep it ip you all

  160. If you’d like to vape your entire bottle of E-juice I don’t recommend giving these guys a visit. This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered juice from here and every time I try to fill up my tank the lids explode. Lose about a half bottle doing so, and on top of that the smell and the mess. Only place I’ve ever bought a 120mL from and only been able to use 60. Little bit of quality control too much to ask? Was looking forward to this raspberry cheesecake, now I’m just pissed.


  162. What a joke to sell juice that is years old you guys have lost a customer that has spent alot of money over the years

  163. Customer Service has been great. I had an issue with my last order. So they sent me 2 extra 120mls for free! I will continue spreading The Fuggin Gospel to all my friends. Thank You Fuggin!

  164. Reply
    Kathy Wiederich Higgins September 29, 2019 at 1:25 am

    Finally found a company that delivers on flavor. Love the Popped Cherry and Blueberry Waffle. But my ADV will be Butta Booze.

  165. Legit have been getting my vape juice only from Fuggin Vapor for the last year. Usually can get 6 bottles at 120 ml each for around $70-$80. That’s around $11.66 – $13.33 per bottle, and the quality and taste is always amazing. Customer service team is phenomenal, and usually get 2-3 day free shipping on my orders. Highly recommend, I’ve gone through a lot of vape shops in real life and on the web and this is the one I’m sticking with!

  166. Lemon Drop, Blue Waffle and now…. Chee-Berry! I vape nothing but the Fuggin! PS— the flavors are so tasty that I forget to eat hence lost some weight!!

  167. love the quality and taste of your juice!!

  168. I love fuggin online. This coming Tuesday me & some of my fellow vapists are driving from Indiana to Miami and super excited to see if the deals in store are as good as they are online �

  169. I love the flavors, and the prices are unbelievable. I started vaping two months ago. Put down cigarettes the day I started. I’ve been smoking cigs for over 22 years, and I’m to the point now I don’t like the smell or taste of them now! I smoked Newport menthols. now I have no more chest pains,and i breath alot better too.

  170. Reply
    Samantha Green-Elicker September 27, 2019 at 1:37 am

    My wife purchased 2 different flavors. Both of which did not taste great at all. They advertise how they have the best flavored juice and I 100% disagree. Unfortunately for us it was a waste of money

  171. great products that cost even better. you can save $$ at Fuggin. but, I want more tobacco flavored juice. Cuban, Pipe, or swisher etc. humor me. I’m human.

  172. Easily the best juice we have ever had. Fabulous customer service, fast shipping & awesome prices!! Definitely a must try.

  173. only place I order from!! love this place!!

  174. My husband surprised me with a bottle of cereal vapist. I love it. We are figuring out an order to place here soon. Excited to try the other flavors. I highly recommend this juice.

  175. Absolutely the Best Vape Flavors I have ever had. Love the deals they have and fast shipping. I recommend this company to everyone.

  176. Absolutely love this company.. always has awesome deal and the best shipping.. fuggin vapor has all ur vaping needs in one place🙂❤️

  177. Every flavor I’ve tried so far has been amazing. The only trouble I have is vaping their juice too fast. Yep I’m a fuggin nut!!!

  178. Pretty good in expensive juice

  179. Placed an order 3 days ago order hasn’t been processed yet and can’t track it on there website cause there tracking page doesn’t work. Most companies i have ever ordered things from have sent it out the next day we’ll see if i receive any info after the weekend.

  180. I love the Variety in juices the fast shipping and all of the sales

  181. Got some juice to try from Fuggin. Silence of the clouds and Birthday B*tch.. both AMAZING! (Usually very picky with juice) I love the company.. the people I dealt with, love their bottle sizes N great prices ! I will continue to buy from this company… come highly recommended by me!!

  182. Reply
    Justin Michael Bianchi September 27, 2019 at 1:27 am

    Ordered some juice late last night. Made a mistake on one of my nic levels. Sent an email to the support staff about it and when I woke up today I had a response that they had already corrected my error and I had nothing to worry about. Amazing customer service, I’ll be back!

  183. Fast shipping and always the right things in the package most of the time I actually get it a day early!! This will be my first time trying Fuggin juice but it smells awesome!!

  184. Buy fuggin ejuices all the time. Great product at a great price. Just purchased a xpriv and rainbow road from them. Not sure if ya’ll changed the rainbow road formula since last time i got one but this new marios rainboe road is not nearly as good. Will stick to my usual flavors. Shake dat ass and oj cremeson.

  185. great products and shipping was on time. will order from again.

  186. These guys are the best. They sent me the wrong order and then corrected it immediately. Even sent me an extra bottle of juice to make up for it. Keep up the good work, guys.

  187. great prices, true to flavor e -juice, fast shipping and exelent customer service

  188. Hands down my favorite juice company. The fast is strong the product is reliable and the customer service is above and beyond on point. Most juices I have to rewick and clean coils every 3-4 days but for some reason fuggin doesn’t carmalize my cotton or have a hardcore carbon build up like most juice.

  189. I fuggin love the pricing and the fuggin flavors. They always have great fuggin deals. My ONLY fuggin quarrel with Fuggin Vapor is that I placed an overnight order, at fuggin $79 no less, and halfway thru the next day my order still wasn’t fuggin fulfilled. I cancelled the order, for that amount, I expected a little more of a fuggin rush, didnt have time to wait fuggin 3 days to fill the fuggin order. Other than that, no problems, love em. Just dont pay to rush an order

  190. The juice is great but the shipping has gone way down hill lately. It used to take me 3 days to get my juice after placing an order. The last few orders took about 7 days. My latest order is estimated at 10 days per UPS. Prices went up and Shipping speed went down. They also can not seem to find bottles that don’t leak. I was excited to see a newly designed bottle my last order. The excitement did not last long as the new bottles leak worse then the old ones. I even had the entire top pop off a bottle and had about 100ML of juice spill out all over me. Long time happy customer but the tides are changing.

  191. Just got my second shipment of vape juice from fuggin vape co. I got butter buss the t last time and liked it. This time I got a watermelon, fuzzy navel and kiwi strawberry. I am trying the watermelon first. Love, love, love it. The flavor is fantastic. I will definitely continue to use this company. Not only is the product great it is so convenient.

  192. you have the best everything. best prices. best vape juice on the market. I’ve never been so happy with a company before. I’ve been buying online for over a year and never had a disappointment. you keep making it easier and easier for the little guy to get vape juice. i won’t buy from anyone else again. thanks for being in business. keep up the work!

  193. I fuggin love this juice 🙂 It is the only brand I ask for by name. I’ve been testing each flavor one at a time and I haven’t found one that has disappointed me yet.

  194. I started ordering from Fuggin Vapor Co because my local go to vape shop doesn’t offer the variety they once had. With the bundle deals, the rewards program and the option to make interest free payments, I’m never out of juice!

  195. Great place for all vaping needs. Very fast shipping and very tasty juice. Also they do a great weekly live feed and do amazing giveaways every week. Love them they are one of my top go to spots for juice and juice bundles.

  196. Reply
    JamesMichelle Elliott September 26, 2019 at 1:46 am

    Awesome vapor and even more awesome juice!!!!! It’s our favorite by far!!!

  197. i have had 2 order from this company so far. I have enjoyed both of them. i have 10 flavors to choose from now. i was sad to see that cleito coils were out of stock as i wanted to replace my expensive vape shops prices with fuggin. i will keep watch on my bottles as im seeing reports of quality issues. but so far, i have had no problem.

  198. Very satisfied with the quality and flavor of the juice. I always do the Big Fuggin Deal, so the price is great too. The reason I only gave a 3 is because of how long it takes them to ship. For instance, I placed an order the 15th of this month. I received tracking on the 16th that said the package was awaiting acceptance by USPS. It kept that status until the 22nd. For 7 days my package sat before they had USPS pick it up. I’ve been ordering from Fuggin for about 1.5/2 years. I order monthly, and this has only been an issue the past 4 months or so. When I first started ordering, my package would be in my mailbox 4-5 days after I ordered, now I’m lucky if I get it within 7-10 days from ordering. Again, product and price is great, but shipping needs some work

  199. amazing juice at amazing prices & super fast shipping!! love y’alls ejuice!!

  200. It says I loved it but it’s actually I LOVE it. Still a customer. I’ve tried a handful of their house flavors and love them all. Especially Butta Booze.. The perfect all day vape…. Texas Chainsaw is pretty damn good too. Tarty pants is a great fun vape for a nice mix up. I have enough juice to last months yet every time they run a sale here I am in line lol. The ONLY bad thing I have to say is I truly despise they’re bottles. Makes refilling a pain… So I rebottle them. Extra expense but I love their flavors over any other company I’ve tried.

  201. I’d recommend them IF it didn’t take over a week for shipping.. love the juice hate having to wait and not know anything. Ordered Monday and still hasn’t been checked into their post office yet (Friday). They just tell you they don’t know 🙄

  202. I’ve hosted and been on several different vapor show in the past 5 years. I’ve done alot of giveaways and also won alot of juices from all over the country and silence of the clouds is by far the best flavor I’ve ever had. Fuggin Vapor Co. Has nailed it!!!… Great people and awesome service!!…

  203. Everything actually. I’ve got so many people to Fuggin Vapor’s website. I will only buy from Fuggin and I know their products are 100% real and safe. Thank You for providing a reputable company for me, and everyone out there!

  204. Awesome customer service. These guys are by far one of the best at delivering customer service. Any issue I have ever had with them, they resolved quickly.
    And the juice cannot be beat.
    Even when I ordered new flavors, and was not over the top with them, they were still good enough to vape till they were gone.
    My favorite? Blue-gert…

  205. fast delivery and awesome customer service

  206. The flavors I’ve received in my 2 orders ha e all been great. Even ordering some strange flavors like the “Inside peanut butter, outside jelly” that ended up being some of my favs!

    On the 2nd order I had a bottle crack in shipping. With NO hesitation (16 minutes of emailing them) I had a reply email with an apology, a replacement offer AND a tracking number for the replacement!

    Not many companies in the vape work offer both a great product AND a great service side as well but Fuggin nailed it!

  207. I’ve been vaping for a very long time and have went to many places in my city and out of my city. & this is the best place i have bought juice from. Fast delivery, amazing prices, and amazing flavor!

  208. Great company! They are quick at getting your order to you and if any issues arise they take care of it with no hassle. They treat their customers very well. I even had an issue with a bottle of fuggin juice I bought at a local shop and the shop would not do anything about it, fuggin did though! Absolutely LOVE this company! I won’t buy my juice anywhere else.

  209. Great people 👍👍 the customer service rocks!

  210. I bought 2 e liquids of this brand yesterday. Flavor is pretty good. But I don’t believe the nicotine percentages are correct. I’ve been smoking 12mg for a while(actually started with 24mg), with this brand I got nicotine poisoning(this has never happened before) . This was such a bad experience for a first time buying this brand. Luckily, the store I buy from exchanged the unopened one for another brand. Guess I just have to throw the other one out cause I don’t want another person having the same experience. So if you’re going to buy this brand star as low as you can.

    Update :they reached out to my local vape shop. Got a refund. I’m willing to give them another try. Companies that care for their customers. Get one extra star in my book.

  211. Shipping was super fast. One of the flavors was bad, I contacted them and they made things right. I think the brand flavors are awesome. I defently buying more. Thanks!

  212. Truly an amazing company. First time ordering definitely won’t be my last, fast shipping which is hard to find nowadays (at least in my experience with other vape companies), yes my order wasn’t perfect (receive wrong flavor of juice but right nic strenght) BUT the customer service was/is very professional and extremely friendly. Top to bottom, head to toe, hands down my most pleasent online ordering experience. Hell Fuggin yes I’ll be ordering again and again and again and again..!!!!

  213. Flavors are absoluty yummy! Especially out of a prince tank with max mesh coils! This is the only place I get my juice from! Great prices for awesome flavors!! 🥰

  214. What a really good company, very good to there customers. If any issues arise they handle it without a bunch of hassle, the shipping is fast. You can see a good company by the way they treat the customers. Moving on to the juice, absolutely some of the best stuff around from the basics to the new flavor fusions. They always have discounts that are great for my budget. Most of the time they throw in something free for my orders. Just shows how much these guys care, they want our business. I’ve called in and talked to the owner and the staff in the past with feedback and questions and there very laid back yet professional. With Fuggin Vapor’s products, your getting quality and the service and support is beyond phenomenal – highly recommended.

  215. I really love fuggin Vapes it’s a great place to order from I just wish I knew some good flavors of e-juice to order does anybody have any suggestions on some great flavors

  216. I absolutely love Fuggin!!! The only thing I wish is that my coils didn’t gunk up so fast but I wouldn’t trade the flavor for changing a couple extra coils. I buy all my juice online and Fuggin is my first stop every month. I order when I get down to my last bottle to make sure I never run out. I’m just happy they didn’t have to close their doors like alot of other online companies. I just placed my monthly order and switched it up a bit with some of their new flavors. My favorites are blue waffle and lemon drop oh and the bombsicle is AWESOME! You can’t go wrong with the quality and pricing. I’ve been a loyal customer for over a year. THANKS Fuggim for maintaining the quality and pricing even through all the turmoil.

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